Adrianne Nicole of London & Los Angeles

Adrianne Nicole
Date: Thursday 25 March 2010
Time Spent: 1 hour
Place: Incall at her apartment
Price: £400
Description: Friendly & attractive American Pornstar with 34D natural tits.

Adrianne Nicole is one of the many USA Pornstars who now visit our shores for filming and escort while here. Joe was given the address to a smart apartment in the Kensington area of London and arrived at the appointed time. He was greeted at the door by a smartly dressed Adrianne, invited in and offered a drink. They sat on the sofa and had a chat, Joe taking care of the paperwork during the course of their discussion. He was interested to hear about how she got into porn and escorting. Adrianne also explained the differences between punting in the USA and UK. In the US the price is higher and typically punters pay a deposit so no-shows and cancellations are less of an issue.

The chatting naturally came to an end and Adrianne got on all fours on the sofa and started kissing Joe. During a break in their snogging he suggested they move into the bedroom. Once there Joe removed his clothes as they kissed some more. As soon as his knob was exposed Adrianne was on it sucking and licking it. She seemed to have turned into a cock-hungry vixen. As Adrianne took the whole of his cock in her mouth and gagged Joe said “Now that’s what I call deep throat.”

Joe removed the rest of his clothes and then helped Adrianne out of hers. He soon had her 34D natural tits out and enjoyed sucking and licking her nipples. After he had finished Adrianne sucked his cock some more. As she was on all fours on the bed in front of him he admired her fine arse. She suggested he spank it and he duly obliged.

Joe pulled aside Adrianne’s panties and examined her neat pussy. He was pleased to see it was already wet. He went down on her and also used his fingers to good effect. At the other end she carried on wanking and sucking his dick. “That is a sweet little pussy you’ve got there” said Joe “You should be labelled high sugar content” he continued. He stood on the bed now so she could deep throat him some more. “I can see why you’ve won an award,” he said.

Adrianne lay back down on the bed and Joe removed her panties completely now. She was naked except for her shoes, which he suggested she keep on. He licked and played with her pussy some more, then knelt up near her mouth and stuck his cock in there again. Adrianne got up and grabbed a condom. Joe lay on the bed. She got in-between his legs and started sucking and licking his balls, teasing him greatly. More OWO followed.

Joe was desperate to fuck Adrianne now. She quickly applied a rubber, then jumped on top of him and shoved his hard cock up her pussy. She bounced up and down on him energetically as they continued to kiss. Joe occasionally slapped her arse. He decided to turn her around so he could view her arse more easily as she fucked him. During the switch over Adrianne sucked his cock some more. Then she jumped back on and fucked him again pointing her cute arse towards his face. “That is fucking gorgeous,” exclaimed Joe.

They moved into doggy. Now Joe took over the fucking got frantic. He really started banging her. Adrianne seemed to prefer it like that and told him to keep it up. He kept banging her hard, but then she pulled off him and got him to lie back down on the bed. Maybe it was too much of a pounding for her? She removed the condom and sucked him some more. Joe was not complaining though as her OWO is exceptional. Grabbing a fresh condom from the side table Adrianne asked “Do you want more of my mouth or more of my pussy?” Wow what a decision to have to make! Joe decided to cover all bases and asked for a bit of both.

She carried on with the blow job, making sure she did some deep throat. Then she applied the rubbed. Joe had mentioned he wanted to fuck her in spoons so they re-started in that position. She played with her own clit as he fucked her hard. Joe took the opportunity to feel her tits some more. He also stuck his fingers down her throat. He could not believe how far down he could get them without her gagging. No wonder she is so good at deep throat.

Joe knelt up and moved into the mish position. “Another Kodak moment” he said as she was spread out before him. He fucked her hard again, then slowed down, took out his cock and used it to rub her clit. She seemed to love this. He was ready to pop his load now and suggested cumming over her tits. She readily agreed and he pulled out and removed the condom.

Joe lay down on the bed and Adrianne got on all fours between his legs again. She started off blowing him, then switched it to a hand job. He was so turned on, he quickly came. The angle they were at meant most of it landed on him but at least his cock had been between her tits as he had cum. She kissed him, then left the room briefly, returning with a towel to clean the spunk off him. “Thank you for the Pornstar experience” said Joe. He was well pleased by this punt.

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Adrianne Nicole of London & Los Angeles