London Escort Anabel

Date: Monday 27 September 2004
Time Spent: 1 hour.
Place: Outcall to my hotel.
Price: £150.
Description: Friendly, horny voluptuous French lady living in London as an Escort with a wonderful sexy accent. Shoulder-length bobbed fair hair surrounding a pretty face, blue eyes and a cute smile. Very big tits!

Although Anabel has been living in Britain for some time she still retains her saucy French accent. When she arrived at my hotel we started off chatting and getting to know each other and I was immediately captivated by that voice. We discussed how she got into escorting, which was via swinging and porn into the party scene and hence to one-on-one's. She claims on her site that she is a nymphomaniac and she has that wonderful European outlook on sex. Anabel regularly appears on the party scene and can be found at Club Fantasy and Voluptuous Parties. She is a very intelligent and interesting lady and I think would make an ideal companion for a longer date.

We moved over towards the bed and stood kissing while I stroked Anabel's enormous big boobs. She told me to lie down and relax on the bed and watch her strip. First she pulled up her tight sweater to reveal a white bra. Slowly she removed the bra and her massive tits popped out. Then she dived on the bed and kissed me passionately, allowing me to fondle her some more. She hitched up her red skirt to reveal a matching white thong above her stocking tops, while I sucked on her nipples. Then Anabel undid my shirt and started rubbing my crotch. Soon she was undoing my trousers and pulling my cock out, but she struggled to get to my balls so I stood up to take the rest of my clothes off then re-joined her on the bed. While I played with her tits some more, she wanked my prick nice and hard. Soon Anabel was on all fours infront of me sucking my manhood.

After a bit she suggested I lie down and make myself more comfortable to enjoy the blow-job, then asked me how I liked it done. I told her hard around the knob-end and she duly obliged, sucking with great vigour. At one point she took my cock out her mouth and slapped it hard against her tongue - a nice sensation. She also dribbled saliva on it. After giving me a good oral session she asked if I would like to taste her. I readily agreed!

Anabel removed her red skirt to reveal a white g-string then settled herself back on the bed still wearing her white stockings and kinky white shiny stiletto boots. I quickly removed the string to reveal a lovely shaved pussy. She spread her thighs wide, I dived down and started to lick her out. She seemed to enjoy this, moaning a little. Coming up for a breather I moistened my fingers and played with her clit, then slid a finger inside her and started licking again. She was getting into this so after a while I asked if she was ready to take my cock and she replied, "Oh Yes". While I lay back down Anabel went and got a condom and some lube. Unfortunately my cock was going down as we struggled to get the johnny on. Anabel was unfazed by this and simply wanked me firmly which soon had my cock rising to the occasion again. She climbed aboard and started to ride me. She was very energetic on top, with her big boobs bouncing up and down and using her pussy muscles to good effect. At one point she slowed down and told me to suck on her tits. How could I resist!

Next I really wanted to fuck Anabel from behind, so she hopped off me and knelt up on all fours. I pushed my cock into her tight pussy again, grabbed hold of her thighs and pumped away. This position allowed me to view all those magnificent curves of her full body. I started off slowly, but soon Anabel was telling me, "Go on zen", so I increased the tempo. It was good to feel her mighty arse slapping up against my groin as I fucked her harder. Soon she was groaning and moaning with pleasure and we happily shagged away in this position until I just ran out of steam.

To finish off I asked Anabel if I could do CIM. I lay flat and relaxed so I could watch her expertly suck and wank my dick. Eventually I ejaculated right into her mouth. She caught it all, then pulled away from my cock and gently dripped the cum back over it from a height. Awesome finale. Anabel asked me what I thought of the French experience? I was very happy, a committed Europhile.

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London Escort Anabel