Club Fantasy Anal Escort Party, London (Part 2)

Anal Escort Party Date: Wednesday 21 March 2007
Time Spent: 2 hours.
Place: Fantastic two-bedroom Apartment on two levels in Bayswater area of London.
Price: £100
Description: Dawn: Friendly & slim English rose with long auburn hair. Katy: Pretty 24 year old blonde, curvy Polish girl.

[continued from Part 1] It was just as action-packed in the downstairs room. Katy was on all fours being fucked in doggy and sucking cock at the same time. A nice little roasting scene. The guy fucking her in doggy pulled out of her pussy and inserted his cock up her arse. Luckily for Katy he took it slowly. When he’d finished Katy started screaming as the black guy with a big cock took up position behind her. But when he put it in her pussy she just said “Ok that is good”. This guy was more energetic and gave her pussy a good pounding. After a bit he decided to fuck in the arse. At first Katy went “oh my god”, but once it was in she seemed fine with it. In fact the guy was quite energetic with the anal fucking too. Katy took a 10 minute break after this.

Dawn was still taking on two guys upstairs. But as Katy was on a break there was an influx of guys to her room. The guy who had been fucking her stopped, but the guy she had been blowing put on a condom and fucked her in mish. The “new” guys to the rook stood around watching. Dawn did manage to grab one guy’s cock and give him a hand job. When she turned round to do doggy though this stopped as Dawn concentrated on enjoying the sex. When this guy finished fucking Dawn one of the other guys said he could cum in a minute. Dawn turned round so her arse was pointing towards him and told him to cum over it. Within a few minutes hot, creamy cum splattered her arse cheeks making a lovely mess.

During Katy’s break I took the opportunity to interview her. Originally from Warsaw, Poland she has been in the UK for two years. She discovered she liked anal sex three years ago and she is currently 24 years old. Several of the party goes took the opportunity to feel Katy’s nice tits as she stood in the kitchen. The party host then asked where her toy was. She grabbed it from her bag and took two guys back into the room with her. Lying down on the bed she started the vibe up and began playing with herself and sucking cock of course.

Dawn was now taking a pussy pounding from the black guy with the big cock. She seemed to really get off on this. When he finished she said “That’s one gorgeous cock.” Dawn was very hot now so she took a break. She went out on the balcony to cool down and have a glass of wine. This is where I interviewed her. She’s been doing Club Fantasy Parties for six months, but she also does other parties as well. She is originally from Kent.

A guy was fingering Katy in the pussy, but she told him it was cock she wanted not fingers. She helped get him ready by blowing him. Meanwhile another guy was using the vibe on Katy’s clit. This seemed to be hitting the spot. A third guy entered the room with a hard on and rubbered up. He prepared her arse with some lube then shoved his cock up it. So Katy was being fucked up the arse, her clit was being stimulated by a toy and she was sucking cock. The guy using the toy suddenly switched it to her nipple, which made Katy stand up and take notice. At this point the guy fucking her switched his cock from the arse to her pussy. After he’d done another guy stepped up to the plate and fucked Katy’s arse. When this guy stopped he showed us her arse. The guy who was being blown by Katy then put on a condom and fucked her in the pussy.

[continued in Part 3]

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Club Fantasy Anal Escort Party, London (Part 2)