Club Fantasy Anal Party, London (Part 1)

Date: Wednesday 17 January 2007
Time Spent: 2 hours.
Place: Fantastic two-bedroom Apartment on two levels in Bayswater area of London.
Price: £100
Description: Nikita Devine Pornstar: 24 year old bi-sexual blonde bombshell Porn Star with big tits and huge personality.
Hayley: Friendly 24 year old English rose with long auburn hair.

An all British Anal Babes Party where you get to fuck two girls in every hole for two hours at a price of only £100 is exceptional value for money. The fact one of the escorts at the party is PornStar Nikita Devine, who normally charges extra for anal and £110 for a one-hour incall meant it was a steal. I managed to arrive early enough to see the girls getting ready and caught Nikita Devine preparing herself in the shower. After washing out her arse she proceeded to loosen it up by shoving a toy up it. She then licked the toy clean with her mouth. This girl is a born exhibitionist!

The host announced the start of the party, with Nikita Devine joining in at the end by shouting “come on let’s fuck.” As she ran to the upstairs bedroom she continued “come on let’s go and fuck my fucking arse. Come on you dirty bastards.” Most of the punters followed pornstar Nikita Devine , but two peeled off and joined Hayley in the downstairs room. She gave one punter a hand and blow job while the other one watched.

Pornstar Nikita Devine was set upon by two guys one of whom already had a raging hard on. She blew the other one to life. Nikita encouraged the guys to play with her tits, pussy and arse and they happily indulged. One of them said “do you want my cock in your arse?” Nikita replied “Oh yea, go on get your fucking dick in my arse.” His cock was bagged, lube applied, then he lay on his side beside Nikita and pushed his knob straight up her bum hole. She sucked the other guy’s cock while being fucked, seeming to enjoy a good spit-roasting. During some vigorous thrusting the guys cock fell out so Nikita suggested he fuck her pussy instead and helped him put it in that hole. They changed into mish and some more vigorous arse and pussy fucking ensued. When he suggested switching to doggy Nikita replied “Shall we give some of these other guys a little chance”, and the guy readily agreed, seeming to need a rest anyway.

Hayley heard what was going on upstairs and announced “it sounds like she’s getting some action – where’s mine?” As the punter she had been blowing stepped away to rubber up, another one jumped in to lick her pussy. The first punter soon returned though and thrust his bagged cock up Hayley’s pussy, fucking her in doggy. Soon he switched to her arse and she told him “That’s more like it…definitely”. The guy pulled out after a while and started fingering her pussy instead. At the other end, a third punter entered the room and Hayley got to work blowing him.

Back upstairs Pornstar Nikita Devine was helping another punter rubber up. He started fucking her pussy in mish. She warned him “until you pound my pussy you’re not pounding my arse”. He must have done all right as he was eventually allowed to have bum sex with her. This must have felt good as with some encouragement from Nikita the guy was soon ready to cum. He pulled out, removed the condom and wanked himself off over her face and massive tits. As he exploded his load over her Nikita said “what a dirty fucker you are.” He asked if she wanted to suck the last drops out. It looked like she wasn’t going to at first, but much to his delight she suddenly did. She then licked some more of it up after her tits and showed us all the spunk in her mouth. Lovely! Afterwards she went off to the bathroom to get cleaned up.

In the downstairs room Hayley was being licked out again. The guy who had first fucked Nikita entered the room and got a blow job. He had a condom with him and as he started to unwrap it Hayley asked “You gonna fuck me?” Then “so how we gonna do this?” He replied “shall we go doggy and I’ll go up your bum”. Hayley got on all fours and he shoved his cock straight up there. He didn’t knob her for that long, but Hayley was busy again by this time, sucking some other punters cock. It wasn’t long before another guy started fucking her again in mish. At this point Pornstar Nikita Devine came to the door and suggested both girls party together for a while in the upstairs bedroom.

With everyone upstairs hungry punters seeking attention soon surrounded both girls and they obliged with hand jobs and blow jobs. Nikita was the first one to get fucked, with a punter trying to push his large cock up her arse. Unfortunately he struggled to maintain an erection, so Nikita Devine suggested he put it in her pussy first. This worked much better and he was able to switch to the arse easily and enjoy some anal. This was going well until he pushed too hard and Nikita Devine had to warn him not to do that. As she explained her main concern was stuff coming out her arse over him, and soon enough she had to leave for the bathroom to sort things out.

On the other side of the bed Hayley was entertaining two punters – one fucking her in mish, the other getting a hand job with occasional O. She was taking quite a pounding, and I soon managed to encourage them to try anal sex. Hayley applied some more lube and the lucky guy was soon enjoying pumping his cock in and out of her bum. As I noticed how good it looked Hayley said “It is nice believe you me”. She went on to say she’d forgotten how good anal sex was.

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