Club Fantasy Anal Party, London (Part 2)

Date: Wednesday 17 January 2007
Time Spent: 2 hours.
Place: Fantastic two-bedroom Apartment on two levels in Bayswater area of London.
Price: £100
Description: Nikita Devine: 24 year old bi-sexual blonde bombshell Porn Star with big tits and huge personality.
Hayley: Friendly 24 year old English rose with long auburn hair.

[….continued from Part 1]
While Hayley continued entertaining the guys, Nikita was on a break downstairs. After smoking a cigarette and chatting she decided to put on a toy show. At first she put a large purple dildo up her pussy, but then she asked for another toy. When it arrived she shoved it straight up her arse so both holes were now filled – a fantastic double penetration.

Back upstairs Hayley was now being fucked by the punter she had been blowing and was giving a handjob and oral to another guy. It was suggested the guy fucking should do Hayley in doggy so they guy being blown could lay down on the bed. After they changed position the guy doing the fucking started to struggle so he took a rest and Hayley concentrated on the other punter. With her expert mouth action he was soon hard and Hayley helped him on with a condom. She hopped on top of him, but facing the other way, so he could play with her arse as they fucked. This also meant Hayley could give more oral. As Hayley pumped up and down on this guy’s cock and he squeezed her nice bum cheeks, he realised he was about to pop his load. Quickly he removed his cock from her pussy, ripped off the condom and just managed to cum over her arse. He asked Hayley to lick off the remaining drops and she was happy to oblige.

Nikita was still downstairs on the sofa and she was now going to be fisted by “the boss”. Plenty of lube was applied, then he slowly inserted several fingers into her pussy. Gradually he pushed further and further until most of his hand was up there. Nikita bit on her vibrator while he was doing this. He then frigged her with his hand, while she cried out “oh fucking bastard….I hate you”, which seemed to be her way of saying she loved it. An amazing show! As soon as it was over a punter who had been wanking to it, walked over to Nikita and shoved his cock in her mouth. She sucked it, then he said he was ready to cum over her face. Nikita said “yea…come on then wank off in my face….give it to me.” Just as she finished this sentence the guy spurted his load right over her face, catching her by surprise. Before she could wipe it off, another punter stepped up to wank over her face. He took a little longer to cum, but got there eventually, although most of it ended up on Nikita’s shoulder. At this point the punter who had cum so spectacularly over Nikita’s face left the party.

Upstairs Hayley was surrounded by three guys. Two of them were rock hard from her attentions. One of them rubbed up and entered her in mish. The other said he was about to cum, so she paid his cock some more attention as she was being fucked. Meanwhile the third guy had re-positioned himself to the left of Hayley and without saying a word wanked himself off and deposited his juice all over her tits. “Yea…that’s what we want” said Hayley. The other guy was having trouble coming as he had cum previously. But Hayley kept wanking away even though she was being vigorously pumped at the time. Eventually he spunked all over her face, getting some of it in her eyes for which he apologised.

Nikita was now ready to get back to it. But some guys had left and the rest were worn out, so she decided to have another rest. The boss, however, had other plans, and told Nikita “…sit in the bath tub, I’m busting for a piss.” The bathroom was engaged, but once free, Nikita stood in the bath and bent over. The boss stood about a foot away and sprayed her arse. “Yea give my arse a nice fucking wash” Nikita said. After this she cleaned herself up and went back out to the sofa. She was up for some more action but unfortunately several guys had left the party and the rest were too worn out to continue. So the party ended promptly at 8 pm.

Another fantastic anal party from Club Fantasy with some unusual activities thanks to the presence of Nikita.

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