Angel Manchester Escort

Date: Tuesday 8 February 2005
Time Spent: Half an hour.
Place: Massage Parlour.
Price: £40 + £10 for rimming + £20 OWO to completion.
Description: Friendly local manchester escort, tall tanned bleach-blonde with massively enhanced tits, pierced tongue & large tattoos.

I'm really pleased because this is the first time I've ever been able to capture a session inside an actual massage parlour. This was another first too - I've found a fellow punter willing to be filmed. This is Joel's first appearance on the site, but he didn't wish to write his own report, so I've done it for him, since I was there holding the camera this time!

Greater Manchester is famous for having close to 100 parlours. Found this one listed with dozens of others under "Health Clubs" in the Classifieds of the Manchester Evening News. Rang them to enquire and told 2 girls on offer; liked the sound of the blonde with big tits so decided to pay a visit. Location was easy to find as it's right opposite a pub. The back entrance wasn't as discreet as we'd hoped, but nobody seemed to be paying any attention.

At this parlour you pay a receptionist £40 for the basic service, but then in the room the girl quotes you for other "extras". After paying the fee Joel was shown up to a room by Angel who was wearing a shiny turquoise bra & thong, showing off her figure. The first thing you can't help noticing about Angel is her boobs - they are indeed massive and virtually spilling out of her bra. She's certainly a striking lady, with her long blonde ponytail, big hoop earrings, and bright pink lipstick; a certain brassy northern charm, if you like that sort of thing. Joel took a quick shower and lay down on the bed as instructed.

Angel came back in and immediately took her top off saying "Let's get these tits out", then took her pants off as well, but kept her kinky high-heeled shoes on. She sprinkled talc on Joel's back and gave him a bit of a massage. After some small talk Angel asked what she could do for him today. He asked what was on offer and she ran through the menu: the basic £40 included a massage, covered oral and sex, but you could have a variety of extras on top - OWO for £10, OWO + CIM £20, OWO + CIM + Swallow £30, Anal £20, rimming £10. Joel decided on rimming and OWO to completion. After this was agreed Angel rubbed her huge tits over his body and also licked his back. She reached between his legs and fondled his balls, to get his cock excited by her touch.

At Angel's request Joel turned over and she rubbed her boobs over his front, all the while giving it dirty talk and getting into the spirit of things. She then shoved them into his face and told him to suck on them, so he happily dived in. Angel loves having her tits sucked, but lying down on the bed was like being smothered by them. Great way to go, but they were cramping the style so Joel sat up to get better access. He sucked her nipples really hard on request and she seemed to love this. She also loved looking across at the mirror on the opposite wall often to see all the action. When Joel rested back down on the bed Angel gently wanked his prick, then rubbed her tits particularly all over it. She then moved on to licking his balls, before getting down to some serious OWO. She does this very well and soon had his cock standing to attention and was happily making a fuss of it. Angel asked what he'd like her to do now so the rimming was up next. She got him to kneel right up, arse in the air, so she could give it a good tongue-tickling and licking. Didn't appear to spend very long on it, left a lot of lipstick behind, but apparently it felt good.

Angel turned Joel back over, sucked his cock hard some more, then said "Would you like to fuck me darling?" On went the condom and she proposed doggy first. Her pussy was tight enough as he pumped away and she spurred him on with moaning and telling him how good it was. Angel's rather good at all the verbal. He hadn't been fucking her for very long though when she pulled away and suggested he get on top of her. She seemed to want to move things on. On entering her she told him "Go on, fuck me darling". As you pump away her voice certainly gets louder and louder! Being in mish allowed him to play with her tits some more, and lift her legs up higher too.

For the final bit of shagging Angel went on top, first of all facing Joel cowgirl-style. She bounced up and down, then said "Give it me back", so he pumped into her rapid and hard. After taking a bit of this she got off, played with his cock some more, then got back on facing away. They fucked again like this for a while, but it was obvious it was time to draw things to a conclusion. So off came the rubber and Angel wanked and sucked him saying "I'm going to make you cum in my mouth darling. I want to taste that spunk". Before long Joel exploded into her mouth. She took it all in, then dribbled it back out over his knob. Lovely. Angel offered him some tissues to clean up, then asked if he'd like a drink and another shower, which he gladly accepted. If you like a relative quickie then they certainly know how to look after you in these parlours!

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