Angel of Manchester

Date: Wednesday 14 April 2010
Time Spent: 1 hour
Place: Outcall.
Price: £150
Description: Teenage blond bombshell from Essex.

This was Angel's first ever escorting job - a most unusual situation for it to be a filmed one, but this kind of thing can happen when you use an escort agency. She is originally from Essex and has the accent to prove it! Angel works part time in a lap dancing club, but behind the bar not as a dancer.

After chatting to Angel on the sofa Dan said, "So I think I'd like to kiss you." Angel replied, "Go for it" and they snogged for a while. Dan told her she was a good kisser as he moved her legs apart to admire her body some more. He gently teased her pussy through the red panties she was wearing. Dan told Angel to stand up. He lifted up her dress and licked her body. He got her to turn around so he could do the same thing to her curvy bottom. "Do you like being spanked?" he asked. "Of course I do," she replied.

Dan now helped Angel out of her dress so she was just in red bra and panties. He removed her bra to reveal a nice pair of small pert tits. Dan stroked and played with them, then sucked her nipples. Angel decided it was time for Dan to get naked and helped him off with his clothes. He already had a raging hard on for her, but she still gave him some OWO. "Does it turn you on having a dick in your mouth?" asked Dan. She confirmed it did as she carried on sucking it. At one point she tried deep throating and impressed Dan with her efforts.

"I don't really want to stop you, but I want to see your pussy" Dan said. Angel removed her panties to reveal a neat, fully shaved pussy. Dan got to work, feeling her up with his fingers. She was already wet, but he could still feel it was tight. She laughed when he mentioned this - typical response from a teenage girl. “I can't wait to stick my dick in there” declared Dan. Angel suggested she get a condom and he readily agreed. She could not find one at first. "You must have too much stuff in your bag" Dan said. She struggled getting the condom on so Dan helped her in the end. Obviously these are the kind of things that happen when a girl is new to the escorting game.

They started off fucking in mish on the sofa. Dan took it easy at first, obviously enjoying the tightness of her teenage pussy. When he increased speed he told her to play with her clit. She duly obliged but did not really seem into it. Probably first time nerves. Dan pulled out and announced he wanted to fuck Angel from behind. But rather than doing it on the sofa he marched her over to a counter by the kitchen. She lent on this, bent over and he pushed his knob back up her tight hole. He could now really pound her. "Do you want me to spank you?" asked Dan. "Yes" replied Angel and he slapped her arse as he fucked her. Red marks started to appear on her bottom. He continued spanking her and she asked him to do it harder. Obviously this is something Angel really likes.

When Dan got tired he suggested moving to the dinning area. He sat on a chair and she climbed on top of him facing away. "You've got a gorgeous arse," he said as she bounced up and down on his knob. Angel suggested she turn and face him so they changed to that. They could now kiss as they fucked. This really got Dan going and he was soon ready to shoot his load. He told her he wanted to cum over her tits, so they re-positioned themselves on the sofa. Angel sucked him, then wanked his cock hard. He soon squirted white-hot spunk all over her tits, making a right mess of her.

Considering this was Angel's first time and that she is only a teenager, it was not a bad punt. With some more experience over time she could become a good escort. Whether she wants to or not only time will tell.

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