Escort Anne of Leeds

Date: Thursday 26 June, 2003
Time Spent: 1 hour
Place: Incall
Price: £200
Description: 36-year old Northern lass with long blonde hair and blue eyes.

Anne France does not advertise herself as an escort, but is a stripper and model who also offers "amateurs" the chance to be videoed having sex with her. She has her own studio, camera equipment and cameraman! So all you have to do is turn up…oh…and hand over the money of course. I arranged to see Anne after a night out with the lads in London to several lap dancing clubs. I liked the fact I could pick out a girl and pay to have her take off her clothes in front of me; but it also left me wanting more. I decided I would pay to have a girl strip for me, but make sure I could fuck her as well. That was the idea behind my trip to Leeds. On arriving at Anne's house I found she had set up her studio as I requested to look a bit like the back room area of a lapdancing club. I sat down on a chair; Anne put on some music and proceeded to wiggle around in front of me. She was not as enthusiastic as the girls I had seen in London, but then I'd already agreed the time/money with Anne, so there was no real incentive for her to work it. She danced close to me, and whenever she presented a piece of her body I eagerly groped it. If she paused for a while I would kiss and lick it. Her arse was the first thing I managed to get hold of, and I thought to myself I'm going to enjoy banging against that later. It wasn't long before her boobs were out and my face was between them licking and kissing. It was great to be able to do this without the fear of being physically removed by a bunch of ugly bouncers. With her tits out Anne sat on my lap then rubbed her body up and down mine, paying particular attention to my crotch. At one point she even used just her leg to arouse my cock into action. The striptease was not over yet though. We still had to get her knickers off. Once again Anne danced for me gradually revealing her shaved pussy, and offering it up to me by sticking her arse in my face. She finished off this part of the show by straddling me and teasing my cock by rubbing her pussy up against it. By this point I was rock hard. Next Anne knelt down in front of me, felt me up, unzipped my trousers and got my fully erect cock out. Without hesitating she popped it in her mouth and proceeded to suck and lick it. Anne has a pierced tongue stud, so uncovered oral is a very nice sensation. She spent a long time on her knees giving my cock some really good attention. What with the dancing, body-rubbing, and now the prolonged oral I knew I wasn't going to be able to last very long; so I hinted to Anne that I wanted to move on. Again she readily obliged. She told me to get off the chair, placed one knee on it and suggested I take her from behind. I fumbled around for a condom, bagged my cock, and proceeded to enter her. At first she was v. quiet and I thought she was going to be a poor fuck, but as I gained speed she started to moan slightly. It wasn't long before I knew I was going to cum. I quickly pulled off the condom and asked Anne to finish me off over her tits, as we had agreed. Her hand job wasn't as good as her oral technique and I had to ask her to hold my cock harder. Once she did this I was soon spurting over those ample knockers, making a lovely mess. At the time I enjoyed this experience, but in retrospect Anne didn't strip as hornily as the girls do in the London clubs. But then you cannot touch those girls, let alone fuck them, so I guess I should be grateful.

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Escort Anne of Leeds