Ashley of Brighton

Ashley of Brighton Date: Monday 31 March 2008
Time Spent: 1 hour
Place: Incall at her flat.
Price: £170
Description: Attractive 22 year old English brunette with lovely personality and a slim, fit body.

I arrived at Ashley’s incall place before the punter who was delayed by a late running train. She invited me in and showed me her boudoir. After a little chat Ashley agreed to do a toy show for me while we waited for the punter to show up. She slowly removed her dressing gown to reveal black panties and bra with pink trim, plus suspenders and black fishnet stockings. Her slender size 6 body looked fantastic. Ashley popped her boobs out the top of her bra to reveal very large nipples. “I like having them sucked,” she said. Turning around she now showed off her cute little arse. “Do you like it spanked” I asked? “I do” she replied so I asked her to spank herself. Ashley then pointed to a paddle hanging nearby which she likes punters to use on her. What a naughty little minx!

Ashley removed her panties to reveal a fully shaved pussy. Her fingers automatically started playing with it, but soon she grabbed a toy. It was a good-sized vibrator but this did not seem to worry Ashley as she inserted it into her neat pussy. She pushed it back and forth and then used the end to stimulate her clit. I mentioned the fact she does anal and she offered to use her anal beads. In a session anal is £50 extra and she will only do this on a second “date”. As she pushed the beads up her tight bum hole Ashley explained she discovered she liked “A” at the tender age of 17. After watching the beads slowly re-appear out of her arse I asked Ashley to try some DP. She was well up for this and spent some time enjoying the sensation of filling both holes. That ended the show as she needed time to get ready for her appointment.

The punter, John, arrived and was shown into Ashley’s bedroom. She offered him a drink and they sorted out the money. After some small talk Ashley started removing her dressing gown and suggested John get comfortable. He took the hint and got undressed. They lay on the bed together and chatted some more. After a brief kiss John started playing with Ashley’s petite boobs. She removed her bra to give him easier access. Then she kissed down his body and asked him if he liked his balls played with. Of course he did and so Ashley started licking them. “I’ve got my tongue bar in,” she said. Moving back up his body she worked her way up to his face and kissed him some more. This allowed John to get to work on removing her panties and checking out her pussy. He told her to lie down so he could go down on her. After using his tongue for a while he asked if he could insert a finger. Ashley readily agreed and he got his first feel of her nice pussy. “I do ejaculate when I cum” Ashley said. “That’s always a bonus,” replied John as he got to work with his tongue again.

“Do you mind if I have a blow job?” asked John. “No problem” replied Ashley as she re-positioned herself between his legs. She likes to start off slowly by kissing the legs and inner thighs before moving in to gently lick the balls. Then it’s on to the knob licking up the shaft before putting the end in her mouth. Only at this point does the hard sucking start. It’s a fantastic technique and John loved every minute of it. He asked, “Are you enjoying that?” She replied “Love it,” before popping his knob back in her mouth and sucking hard. Then it was back to paying his balls some attention – this time she gave them a nice suck.

“Do you want to do 69?” Ashley whispered. John readily agreed and they changed position. As well as going down on her, he took the opportunity to lick her arse. “That’s good” she said. He asked if he could finger her arse and she agreed. “That’s tight,” he said as his finger entered her bum hole. “Do you want me to get a condom now?” asked Ashley. John sure did and together they bagged his cock.

“Which way would you like me?” Ashley asked. “Laying down” replied John. She spread her stocking legs wide and he entered her pussy for the first time. She took the full length of his cock and he pumped away gradually increasing the pace. Ashley frigged herself as he fucked her. “You feel good” she gasped. After a while she said “do me in doggy so I can play with your balls.”

John re-entered her commenting on her great arse as he did so. They fucked for a while in this position and when John asked if she was enjoying it Ashley replied “you’re making me very wet.” It was John who requested the position change this time, opting for Ashley to be on top. She squatted over him and inserted his cock back inside her pussy. She fucked him energetically in the squat position – fantastic stuff! It wasn’t long before he said “I’m going to cum in a minute…can I come over your face”. Ashley said “I’d love you to.”

The condom was removed and John knelt up near Ashley’s face. She applied some lube to his knob and started giving him a vigorous hand job. “You gonna cum all over my face?” she asked. The next minute he was shooting white stuff all over her.

“Was that good?” she enquired. Of course it was! But things got better as Ashley popped John’s cock back in her mouth and sucked every last drop out of him. It’s so horny when an escort is that into you she will do this. Withdrawing his cock from her mouth Ashley kissed the end and giggling said “You nearly got my eye.” She cleaned herself up and then offered him a shower which he accepted.

Good punt from a fantastic escort who aims to please. Definitely recommended.

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Ashley of Brighton