Ashley of Alicia’s Massage Parlour, Crewe

Date: Saturday 28 January 2006
Time Spent: 30 minutes
Place: Alicia’s Massage & Sauna, Edleston Road, Crewe.
Price: £35 + £10 for extras = £45
Description: Voluptuous 24 year old with bobbed red hair, green eyes, a good rack. Some tattoos.

Saturday is a good day to visit parlours in Crewe as the basic price reduces from £40 to an astonishing £35. Nick B had done his research on this particular day, calling round the parlours to see who was on and deciding to visit Alicia’s to see Ashley, as he had a good punt with her once before. The maid at Alicia’s recognised Nick on opening the door and told him Ashley and Chloe were working today. He was offered a drink as the money was sorted out and as a regular he was allowed to make his own way up to the room.

After Nick returned from his shower Ashley entered the room dressed in a short clingy red number with high heels. She offered Nick a massage first and told him to lie on his front. Nick arranged himself on the bed as Ashley removed her red slip to reveal a nice pair of round tits. She kept on her red g-string as she squatted between Nick’s thighs and commenced the massage. Following some small talk Ashley was soon giving Nick a body-to-body massage, rubbing those fulsome breasts over his back. Nick asked her to play with his balls and she duly obliged. Next Ashley told him to turn over. She applied some baby lotion to her own nipples, and then rubbed her tits over his cock, balls and chest. This soon got him excited!

As Ashley wanked Nick’s cock she asked him if he wanted the “O” with or without? He opted for without, which is included in the price if you see Ashley (some of the other girls will charge £10 extra for this). She alternated between sucking hard on the end and licking up the shaft. Nick certainly seemed to enjoy her technique. At Nick’s request Ashley also licked his balls, then he got her to put his dick between her tits for a nice tit-wank.

Nick now wanted to lick Ashley’s pussy so they switched places. She pulled off her red string so he could go down on her. Nick was also keen to lick Ashley’s tight arsehole and she put her legs right up to allow him easier access. Ashley suggested she put the condom on now and Nick asked her to give his cock another quick suck beforehand. More oral followed, then Nick’s cock was bagged. As Ashley was doing this she asked him his favourite position and he replied Missionary. Ashley lay down and spread her legs wide open. Nick entered her and immediately started pumping hard, obviously enjoying the feeling of being inside her. Ashley moaned as he pumped away and held on to the bed-head for anchorage. When Nick stopped for a breather she asked him if she should turn over? He agreed and she asked “On all fours or over the bed?” Nick opted for over the bed so she stood on the floor bending forwards down onto the bed. Nick re-entered her from behind. This allowed him to grab on to her arse as he fucked her. But Nick soon tired in this position and he pulled out suggesting they change again to fucking on the bed.

Nick lay back down while Ashley mounted his cock. At first she squat-fucked him, but then relaxed her legs into a more comfortable position to ride him. After a bit Nick requested Ashley suck him again. So off came the condom, and Ashley gave him head again. They also switched around into sixty-nine. The mutual oral ended when Ashely asked “Are you gonna fuck me again?” Another rubber went on and they shagged in mish once more. During this round Nick asked Ashley “Do you like being fucked?” she replied “I love it”. After some more pumping Ashley asked “Where do you wanna come, up me or on me?” Nick asked if he could come on her face and she explained that was fine but it was an extra tenner. Nick agreed to this and Ashley checked whether he wanted her to suck him till he came or to wank him. Nick wanted to be sucked so Ashley immediately got to work on his cock. As he got nearer to coming Ashley told Nick to kneel beside her so he could hit her face with warm spunk. Once re-positioned she blew him some more, but in the end Nick took over and brought himself off over her face. He ended up shedding his load on her chin and neck. Ashley checked Nick felt better after that, then proceeded to clean up herself and him.

As Nick got dressed the two of them chatted and Ashley tidied up the room. During this we discovered Ashley also works in another parlour - one in Liverpool called The Studio. As Nick left the room Ashley asked if he wanted to exit via the front door or the more discreet rear entrance. Another good punt at a very friendly parlour, with incredible prices.

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Ashley of Crewe