Escort Ashley of Milton Keynes

Date: Monday 25 January2010
Time Spent: 1 hour
Place: Incall.
Price: £100 + £40 for A levels + £20 CIM.
Description: Friendly & fun gorgeous mixed race escort.

Ashley’s incall place is very easy to find with plenty of free parking. The first thing you notice about her room is the pole! When Ashley showed Joe into the room she introduced herself and they took care of the paperwork. She sorted out some drinks as they chatted. Joe was offered a shower and he accepted and was shown into the en suite bathroom.

When Joe returned from his shower Ashley had changed into a different outfit – one that was easier to slip out of. “I usually like to start things off with a nice massage,” she explained. Joe readily accepted and assumed the position on the bed. Ashley applied some oil and started rubbing him all over. They chatted as she worked. In answer to one question Ashley revealed her breasts are 32F. But she wants a boob job and has a special fund going that punters can contribute to. Ashley has been escorting for six and a half years and likes it because she is hooked on sex. At the moment her rates are an extended Xmas special.

Joe was told to turn over and they started kissing. He felt her tits through her dress and she helped him get them out. Her nipples are quite sensitive and Joe enjoyed a brief lick and suck. Meanwhile Ashley was touching his cock and balls. After a quick hand job she moved down between his legs and started licking his cock. Ashley has a pierced tongue for that extra sensation. She sucked on the bell end and Joe encouraged her to take it all the way in. She duly obliged then switched to sucking his balls. You could tell Joe was in heaven! He took to coping a feel of her left tit as she sucked hard on his knob. “It’s a Kodak moment,” said Joe.

Ashley came up for a breather and snogged Joe some more. He suggested she remove some more clothes so Ashley took her knickers off. As she did so another piercing was revealed! Joe took a closer look at her pussy and started licking her. “Oh that’s sweet…very sweet,” noted Joe. He asked if he could use fingers and Ashley readily agreed. As Joe worked she carried on wanking his cock. He now turned his attention to her bottom and after checking with her inserted a finger up there. Then he dp’d her using his fingers! Fantastic stuff.

“I think it’s about time for me to feel that cock,” declared Ashley. Joe readily agreed and she sorted out a condom. They discussed positions and Joe suggested they start in doggy. Ashley removed her dress so she was now naked and got on all fours at the end of the bed. She pointed her arse towards Joe and he inserted his cock in her pussy. “That’s one beautiful” arse he noted. Joe banged away and was soon going at quite her pace. He only slowed down to put a finger in her arse at the same time. “Shame that’s not a real cock” noted Ashley. Obviously a girl who is up for dp! Joe removed his finger and gave her a good seeing to.

Ashley pulled herself off Joe’s cock and sucked it some more to taste her own juices. Joe suggested she go on top now. She climbed on board and fucked him hard. She even squat fucked him for a while. When she slowed down Joe took to sticking a digit up her bottom. This seemed to really turn her on. Ashley suggested she spin around so Joe could see her arse more easily. “Hello heaven” said Joe as she climbed on top again. He could not help himself and had to finger her arse again. Ashley told him she wanted cock up there in a minute. But first there was more fucking to do as she carried on pounding up and down on his hard member.

They decided to try some anal sex next. Ashley suggested they do it in doggy and assumed the position once more at the end of the bed. They struggled to get it in at first, but eventually Joe’s cock was deep inside Ashley’s arse. Once she was relaxed Joe could increase the tempo and was soon giving her quite a pounding. Fantastic stuff. “You know how to fuck my arse” Ashley gasped.

The arse fucking turned Joe on so much he was ready to pop his load. As he had pre-paid for CIM he wanted to finish that way. They cleaned up and then Ashley knelt beside the bed. Joe stood up and inserted his cock in her mouth. She blew him some more, then started giving him a vigorous hand job. This did the trick and Joe squirted his white love juice straight into her gaping mouth. She sucked it all out of him, then pushed it back out over his cock and her tits. Good ending to a great punt. “Money well spent” as Joe said.

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