Escort Astrid of Crewe

Date: Sunday 31 July 2005
Time Spent: 30 minutes
Place: Parlour girl filmed in hotel
Price: £40 + £10 OWO + £20 facial = £60 total
Description: Cheerful young blue-eyed blonde, aged 22, nice slim figure, but several tattoos.

Nick B, who has posted several reports on PunterNet (Click here for example), contacted me and asked keenly if he could be filmed on a punt. He had some ideas of escorts in Crewe that would be willing to be filmed and we soon managed to arrange a session. So it was one weekend I found myself meeting up with Nick by the Earl of Crewe Pub on the Nantwich Road. First he took me on a guided tour of the Crewe Parlour scene. We drove around in his car as he pointed out each one.

Then we were ready to see Astrid, but in a local hotel because we could not arrange to shoot with her at the parlour where she actually works. Astrid arrived at the hotel dressed in jeans and a white vest top. Nick started off the session chatting to her about the Massage Parlour she works in. She told us the price was £40 for 30 minutes all inclusive, for which you get body-to-body massage plus oral with condom, reverse oral and sex with condom - just the basics as she put it. Some girls also "specialise" - i.e. offer extra services, and Astrid told us she does Anal (£25), OWO (£10), OWO to completion (£20), facials (£20) and reverse watersports (£10). On weekends the basic rate drops to £35 for 30 minutes. Astrid also talked about how she started working in a parlour, the two-girl service she offers and the fact she is genuinely bi.

The session started with an oily massage. Astrid stripped down to red bra and g-string and joined Nick who was naked lying face down on the bed. She massaged him as they discussed holidays. The intimate action began when Astrid took off her bra. She moved the massage up a notch paying particular attention to Nick's balls and bum. She also started using her tits to massage his back. Astrid asked Nick to turn over. This was the first time he got to see her tits and he pounced on them, sucking and kissing her nipples. She gently pushed him back down on to the bed regaining control and licking his chest and nipples. As Astrid moved down his body Nick asked her to lick his balls. She gently stroked, then licked and sucked on his ball sacks. Nick asked Astrid to stick his cock in her mouth. She took hold of it and gently teased the end with her tongue. Then she took the whole lot in her mouth and sucked it hard. Nick asked her to spit on it and she duly obliged.

Nick asked Astrid if he should lick her pussy. She stood up to remove her red g-string and lay down on the bed. Nick dived his head between her legs and started licking her out. Astrid seemed to enjoy this playing with her own tits and stroking Nick's hair as he pleasured her. At one point Nick took a rest and just stroked her pussy. He asked if she wanted to be fingered but she said she preferred tongues. So he went down on her some more. After a while Nick suggested they switch to do 69. Astrid replied "Oh yea" and they swapped places again for Nick to lie down on the bed. He really got to work in this position, fucking Astrid with his tongue. Meanwhile at the other end she was busy sucking on his member. Nick asked Astrid if she wanted her arsehole licked. She agreed and he enjoyed teasing that with his tongue. By now he was well excited and got Astrid to put a condom on. She decided to lie down for him so she made herself comfortable on the bed, opened her legs wide and Nick knelt in between them. "Get that cock in here" she told him. Nick entered her and started energetically banging away. He fucked her hard and fast from on top.

After a while Nick said "Do you wanna fuck me?" They changed over, Astrid climbed aboard him and shoved his cock up her fanny. She asked Nick to put his legs over hers and then she bounced up and down on him, her long blonde hair dangling in his face. She noticed the bed was a bit too bouncy, but she carried on pumping away at him. When that got too tiring she proposed Nick take her from behind. This he happily did with renewed energy, really slamming up against her lovely arse. He was soon flagging so asked her to turn back over to mish again. While fucking in this position he used his thumb to frig Astrid's pussy and then offered it up to her to lick her own juices. Finally Nick was worn out, he pulled out of her and suckled at her tits.

While Nick sat back on his haunches Astrid played with his balls and around his bum. She asked him if he wanted her to stick her finger right up his arse. He readily agreed. Astrid grabbed a rubber, put it on her finger, wetted it in her mouth then skilfully slid it right up Nick's bumhole. She asked him if he liked that and he whispered "Oh yea". Astrid played with her own pussy as she fingered him. Now Nick was aroused again it was time to finish off with a facial. Astrid lay down and Nick knelt beside her. As he furiously tugged away she continued to play with his bum. Then she licked his balls again, willing him on to reach climax. Eventually Nick shot his load over her face and into her mouth. He offered up his spent cock for her to lick and suck the remnants of spunk off it, then she smiled cheekily up at him with jizz dripping off her chin. Lovely!

Astrid gives a great service, and to think you can enjoy the basic delights of this young lady for just £40 is frankly staggering.

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Escort Astrid of Crewe