Autumn of Milton Keynes

Date: Friday 2 March 2012
Time Spent: 1 hour
Place: Incall .
Price: £150
Description: 26 year old flame haired temptress.

Autumn offers a Nuru massage service and Joel was keen to experience this. She does not have a regular incall location but tours to several places, working out of hotels. Joel arranged to meet her while she was in a Milton Keynes hotel. On entering the room he noticed the normal bed covers had been removed and a special sheet had been placed over the bed.

Autumn explained that Nuru is the name of the jel. It is made from Nuru seaweed which is imported from Japan. The gel is tasteless, odourless, and colourless. Autumn told Joel they would take a shower together but not dry themselves. On returning to the bed, she would pour some gel on it and he would assume the usual massage position. A full slippery, slidey body to body massage would then follow.

Before heading for the shower Autumn checked if Joel had any back problems, any torn muscles or ligaments out of place. Apparently it is important that you Nuru masseuse knows about these. Autumn was already undressed (she had wrapped a towel round herself to greet Joel at the door) so Joel stripped off and they got into the shower together. She reminded Joel not to dry himself - the jel has to interact with the water so everything is slippery and slidey.

Autumn took control of the shower head and directed the water over Joel's body. He just had to stand there and let her do all the work just like Japanese women do for their men. This is all part of the Nuru tradition. She rubbed shower jel over him next, cleaning all his body parts. They kissed, and then she allowed him to play with her breasts. Autumn rinsed him off. Dropping to her knees, she took his cock into her mouth and started blowing him. He had not been expecting that, but enjoyed the experience very much.

They exited the shower, and Autumn prepared the bed spooning large amounts of the Nuru gel out of a bowl and onto the protective sheet. Joel assumed the usual position on the bed and then she put more gel all over him. She told him it does get everywhere. The massage began. Autumn used her hands at first but then told Joel to close his legs. She poured gel over herself then slid all the way up his body. She created some interesting shapes along the way. "Feels good" sighed Joel. Getting him in the right position again she then slid down his body the other way. She seemed to be using her bottom to massage him this time. It was interesting stuff.

The massage continued. "Do you like the feeling of a wet woman sliding on you?" she asked Joel. "Definitely different" he replied. It was time for Joel to turn over. "This is where the real fun starts" said Autumn throwing more gel on to Joel and herself. "You get to see absolutely everything" she said "and you get to help." She got him to spoon some of the gel out of the bowl and suggested he put it wherever he like on her body. It ended up on her breasts of course. Joel happily massaged them.

Autumn slid up and down him again. She told him not to be offended if some escorts put a condom on at this point, as everything slides so easily a cock could go straight into a pussy. Autumn has been doing Nuru long enough that she knows how to avoid this. They kissed some more as Autumn gently slid back and forth. She was soon paying attention to his cock giving him a nice blowjob. "That's very good" he said as he watched her work. Autumn retained eye contact with him. "That's exceptional" he gasped. "My names not temptation for nothing honey" she told him. Autumn paid good attention to his balls as well. He was loving it.

Autumn slid up and kissed him again. Joel then felt her tits some more. Sliding right up over his face, Autumn position her pussy in the right place for him to lick her out. She stayed there for a minute or two as he did that. "Shall we slide you in?" suggested Autumn. Joel was well up for that and she sorted out a condom. She had to wipe some of the gel off his knob before she could apply the condom - which she did with her mouth. Once bagged she poured more jel over herself then slid down his body and let his cock enter her pussy. "That's warm, wet and slippery" noted Joel as they kissed and fucked slowly to start with. She was soon bouncing up and down with enthusiasm on top of him. "That's good" gasped Joel. He played with her tits and they kissed again.

"Any other position you wana try?" asked Autumn, hoping off him. They decided to try doggy. Autumn kept her legs shut and put most of the weight on her arms to stop herself sliding around on the bed. At first Joel did all the work, but then she suggested taking over. He agreed and got her to tickle his balls as well. Autumn changed the position slightly by lying down flat. Joel was sort of doing press ups in this position. She suggested he tilt himself over to the side and they moved into spoons. "Very nice" noted Joel as he banged away hard.

Joel changed the position into mish. He found it different with Nuru as you slide around on the bed and can't get as much leverage as usual. This suited Joel's style of fucking though as he liked to take it slow. Joel told Autumn he was getting very close to coming. She hopped off the bed and suggested he lie down again and make himself comfortable. She jumped on top of him again, only this time she was facing away from him. Joel grabbed hold of her arse as she fucked him. It was slow and sensual - just the way he liked it.

Autumn jumped off and removed the condom. She knelt in-between Joel's legs and gave him some more OWO. "That's a serious tease" said Joel as she worked her magic. When she started playing with his balls you could tell he was going to pop his load. Autumn suggested moving to the end of the bed, so he could shoot over her tits. Once re-positioned she sucked him off again. He soon shot his load squirting cum over her tits. "Fuck that was good" Joel declared.

The session was not over though as Autumn escorted him to the shower. This was a shared one just like at the beginning with her doing all the work as before. Joel loved this aspect of the Nuru massage treatment and said he would definitely recommend it to any punter.

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