Oriental Escort Aya of London

Date: Saturday 11 June 2005
Time Spent: 1 hour
Place: Outcall to my hotel
Price: £150
Description: Vivacious, petite 21-year old Filipina girl. Long black hair, big dark eyes, small breasts, fit body, pierced tongue. Energetic with a good sense of humour.

Aya only came to the UK from the Philippines 3 years ago but her English is excellent. I saw her in my hotel, but she can take incalls as well, given enough notice. She is a friendly and lively girl with a cheerful manner, which makes her fun to be with. After sitting together on the sofa having a chat and a drink I asked Aya to give me a little dance to get things started, imagining I was in an Oriental girlie-bar. She willingly stood between my open legs and started to wriggle her lithe little figure in front of me. She was wearing black trousers and a black/silver cut-away top with "Sexy" printed on it. When she turned around to show me her neat little arse I could see her black thong riding out of her trousers.

The strip-show started in earnest when Aya pulled aside her tight top to reveal a small right breast with nice prominent dark nipple. She lent towards me and I licked it. Then she undid her trousers to reveal her g-string which had "tease" written across it. Too right! Next Aya pulled off her top over her head which allowed me to fondle both her tits. Continuing to wriggle her arse, Aya slowly pulled her trousers down a bit more and then started to undo my shirt. She sat on my lap to flick the heeled sandals off her feet, then wriggled her bottom over my cock giving me a raging hard-on. Standing up again she peeled off her trousers leaving her naked but for her black thong. Straddling me again we kissed, then Aya sank down to undo my trousers and undress me more. As soon as my cock was exposed she popped it into her mouth and slowly started giving me oral. Aya used her pierced tongue to good effect, licking the end of my cock and teasing around the head before starting to suck it. Her blow job is rather good as she maintains good eye contact whilst alternating between sucking and then licking, which gives a nice sensation. At one point she also gently massaged my balls as she was sucking me - lovely!

My cock was rock hard by now so I asked Aya if she wanted to dance on it. "Sure" she replied and went off to grab a condom and some lube. After these were applied, Aya wiggled in front of me some more while she pulled down her thong. Then, turning her arse towards me she bent over so I could plainly see her smoothly shaven haven right in front of me, grabbing my cock from inbetween her legs and stroking her pussy with it. I couldn't take this teasing for very long so I told her to stick it in there. Gently she eased back down onto my dick and I had the pleasure of entering her tight hole. Wow did it feel good. At first she danced just on top of my knob, gyrating her pretty butt right in my face. Then she started bobbing up and down on it and feeling my balls while she fucked me.

At this point Aya climbed up to sit on me, putting her feet on my thighs and squat fucking me. She is light and lithe enough to adopt this position comfortably, and it was great fun to drill her this way. Then she sat back down, still facing away but straddling me this time and taking more of my cock into her pussy. In this position we could shag more energetically. After a while I asked her to turn around so that I could see more of her as we fucked. Aya hopped off, turned around, jumped back on and slid my cock into her little hole once again and pumped away. This position felt a lot tighter and Aya now took longer strokes up and down my shaft. We enjoyed a snog then Aya leant back, supporting herself by resting her hands on my thighs and bounced away so I could really see my prick entering her fanny. It sure looked good watching this young oriental girl going for it with such relish and seeing my cock disappearing into her tight cunt.

I suggested we move over to the bed, and Aya asked if I was going to carry her over there. She's light as a feather so this challenge was no problem. With my cock still right in her pussy I picked her up like a monkey wrapped around me, climbed on to the bed, then let her drop backwards onto it. Amazingly my dick was still inside her when she landed so we just carried on fucking away in missionary now. Aya lifted her legs up high which allowed me to fully penetrate her. At first I took it slow to make sure she was OK, but I soon picked up speed. After a bit I told Aya to play with her pussy as I fucked her. She was getting quite creamy by this point and I took my cock out and used it to play with her clit.

I felt like a change so we moved into doggy which apparently is Aya's favourite position. After shagging for a bit in this position though, I wanted to relax again so I suggested we both lie down and try spoons. She lay on her side on the bed, I lay behind her and she fed my penis into her vagina. This was much more relaxing for both of us and it also allowed me to take deeper strokes shoving the full length of my cock into her. I let Aya know I wanted to finish off by cumming all over her pretty face. She had no problem with this. I fucked her for a little longer until I was close to the edge then I pulled out.

Aya lay down on the bed and I straddled her with my dick dangling right over her face. She removed the rubber and gave me a nice hand job. It wasn't long before I realised I was going to cum. I told Aya to wank it harder. When I actually came, first a little dribbled out beside her mouth, but then a big squirt came out hitting her bang in the left eye. Oops! More spurted out which Aya eagerly spread all around her neck and forehead, playing with it. After I'd finished cumming she used my cock to wipe the spunk off her eye but only seemed to end up spreading it to her other eye, so by the time we were done her eyelashes were caked in spunk and both eyes were going red. But this didn't seem to bother Aya and what a great facial! Like most Oriental girls Aya is keen to please. She has a fit, trim body, loves giving head and likes to fuck. What more could you ask for?

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Oriental Escort Aya of London