Anglo Indian Escort Ayesha of London

Date: Wednesday 17 November 2004
Time Spent: 2 hours.
Place: Outcall to my hotel.
Price: £600.
Description: 23 year old slim very petite Anglo Indian Escort with long dark hair.

On various punting forums you will often see people seeking Indian escorts. They are hard to find, and those that are in the business tend to command a premium. Ayesha is an unusual Indian escort as she also offers a Domination Service. I told her I wanted to split our meeting into two - first doing a regular GFE session and then, after a rest, trying some mild domination. After a chat about her Indian origins, escorting, etc. we moved to the bed and began to kiss and stroke each other. Gradually I undressed her. When her dress came down, she was not wearing any bra and her small, pert boobs immediately came into view. I kissed, licked and sucked her perfectly round nipples. Ayesha then took my shirt off and licked and sucked my nipples. After asking me she also bit them gently.

I suggested Ayesha lay on the bed. Off came her knickers to reveal an inviting perfectly-shaved pussy and I went down on her. She tasted good and seemed to enjoy this and was soon quite creamy and wet. I inserted one and then two fingers, but her pussy was really tight. Next Ayesha helped get my trousers off and while doing this I suggested we try 69. She readily agreed, so I lay down on the bed and she got on top. She gently played with my cock, then started sucking it. Occasionally she would stop to spit on it. I commented on her nice cute little arse and she said I could spank it if I liked. So I took the opportunity to slap her pretty bottom. Her attention on my cock was getting me rather near the edge so I suggested we moved on to do some fucking.

Ayesha grabbed some lube and condoms from her bag. She asked me to put the condom on while she lubed up. We started off in doggy, as this was Ayesha's favourite position. I had a bit of difficulty getting my cock inside her tight pussy, but once it was in there she was fine and I enjoyed fucking her tight little body. Ayesha is quite vocal during sex, making appreciative groaning noises and she also told me that it felt really good. At one point she asked me to slap her arse and I happily obliged. After a while I suggested we try another position and Ayesha opted for mish so that she could lie down comfortably. I entered her again and she raised her legs high in the air. It seemed easier for her in this position and she asked me to pump her harder. I realised I was going to cum soon, so I asked if I could cum over her face. She said she'd love me to do that. Off came the rubber and Ayesha lubed up my cock. She wanked me nice and hard until I squirted my jizz all over the side of her face. The whiteness of my spunk on her lovely olive face was quite a sight.

After cleaning up we sat together on the sofa again and discussed domination. I asked Ayesha how she got into that side of things and what it involves. Then we agreed she would give me a taste of light dom with my safe word, should I wish to stop at any time, being "Help". I'm glad we sorted this out as I did have shout "Help" at one point during the session. Ayesha went off to get changed into her dom gear and came back looking stunning dressed in thigh-high black shiny boots, a red PVC mini-skirt, and black PVC bra. Boy did she look sexy and I was thinking let's just forget the dom play and fuck again, but then she started to bark commands at me so I had little time to think about that!

Mistress Ayesha started by ordering me around and asking if I'd been a naughty boy. The she ordered me to lick her boots. Next I had to stand up and take my clothes off. She forbade me to touch my cock at all unless she requested it. Telling me to bend over she then proceeded to whack my bottom with a crop. Ouch did that hurt! At one point I said Thank you Mistress and she barked "Don't speak, for that you get another one". I soon learnt to do what I was told. Mistress now wanted her boots removed, so I carefully unzipped them. After removing each one I was ordered to lick and suck her toes. I noticed they were very nicely groomed and painted!

More punishment was next on the agenda. I bent over a stool and Mistress Ayesha started beating my arse with the crop again. She said she liked to see red welts across my bottom. Next came the paddle and I could feel my bum stinging and getting red now. Then it was the Cat O' Nine Tails lash which luckily was not as painful as the other two. Mistress Ayesha then decided a good torment for me was to sit and watch her play with herself. Now this sounded more like it to me. She sat on the sofa, pulled up her red PVC skirt and pulled off her red panties to expose that lovely shaved pussy. Then she told me I could not touch myself - bummer. She licked her fingers and began to masturbate. At one point she shouted at me for touching my cock and threatened me with more whipping. But after a while she did allow me to play with myself while I watched her diddling her fanny. She grabbed her crop and tickled my balls.

Mistress told me I was hopeless at wanking myself, so I cheekily asked her if she wanted to do it for me. "No I don't" she snapped, grabbed her crop and thrashed me. I was learning about Dom the hard way. She told me I was pathetic at pleasuring myself again and so I asked her if she wanted me to cum. She said yes all over her feet. Then she said she was going to make me lick it all up afterwards. At this news I had to say "Help" and she burst out laughing. Guess she'd won that contest. We resumed the joint masturbation and this time Mistress said after cumming I had to get a towel to clean up the mess. Soon I managed to satisfy her by ejaculating over her dainty little feet, although there wasn't much there as I'd dropped all my load over her face in our earlier session. She berated me for the lack of cum, commanded me to clean up and then told me to go away and get dressed. To be honest I was thankful it was over. It was an interesting experience, but it didn't really turn me on. If you are into Dom though and letting a beautiful woman have control over you then I'm sure Ayesha would deliver the goods for you.

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Anglo Indian Escort Ayesha of London