Barbie of Wolverhampton

Date: Friday 11 March 2011
Time Spent: 1 hour
Place: Incall
Price: £200
Description: Pretty, petite, slim, blonde with enhanced tits.

The good thing about punting is you can live out your fantasies. Joel likes a girl in uniform but he wants the escort to perform the whole role play scenario not just dress up. So he was delighted to discover Barbie enjoys role play too and he pre-arranged some naughty school girl action at her incall place. This has quite a small bedroom so Joel decided they should live out his fantasy downstairs in the larger living room.

After a short initial chat, Barbie stripped off her dress and put on a school uniform with traditional grey skirt and white shirt with tie. She left the living room, waited a few minutes then knocked on the door. "Come in" said Headmaster Joel, "Ah Barbie come and stand here for me please," he continued. She stood in front of him with her hands clasped in front of her, looking like she had done something wrong. Joel explained he had heard she had been doing naughty things behind the bike sheds. Barbie maintained she had just been talking, but Joel said that's not what he heard.

Barbie continued to maintain her innocence but Joel was having none of it. He got her to bend over his knee and he raised her short grey skirt ready to spank her. "These are definitely not school regulation knickers" he admonished her as Barbie's white g-string was exposed. She claimed her others were in the wash. Likely story thought Joel. He started spanking her to find out what exactly she had been doing behind the bike sheds.

Barbie now admitted she had been playing a game, but she did not want Joel to tell her parents about it. She was seeing whose cock would fit in her mouth the most. Joel threatened to tell her parents and she squealed in horror. So he proposed a way to resolve the problem by making a deal. Joel suggested Barbie show him what she was doing. If Barbie didn't want her parents knowing she had to agree. Realising she had no choice she duly obliged.

"Let's see how well you deal with one of these," said Joel undoing his trousers and revealing his already erect cock. The school girl outfit had certainly worked wonders on him! Barbie dropped to her knees and grabbed his member. "Do you want me to lick it first?" she asked. "Do whatever you wish but make it good" replied Joel. "God the boys in my year aren't this demanding" sighed Barbie as she got to work. She licked up and down the shaft, then popped the head in her little mouth and sucked away. Joel asked her to try deep throating but she struggled to do this and nearly gagged.

Joel now paid attention to Barbie's tits. He told her to remove her tie and shirt. She obliged revealing a big pair of enhanced tits. "Not the average size for a young girl of you age are they?" said Joel. "Well my mums got quite big tits too," replied Barbie. Joel licked and sucked her nipples then got her to remove her white g-string. He examined her bottom once more, squeezing her cheeks. Joel re-positioned Barbie on the sofa so he could inspect her bikini line. He started playing with her pussy and went down on her. "Oh sir" shrieked Barbie "the boys have never done that to me." Joel continued licking her out.

It was condom time. Joel got Barbie to apply it and as she did it easily he complemented her for paying attention in sex education lessons. He got Barbie to lie back on the sofa and went between her legs pushing his cock into her smooth, tight pussy. He started off gently as it was so tight. Gradually he managed to increase the pace. "Does that feel nice sir?" asked Barbie. You bet it did! Now her pussy was opened up Joel decided to change positions. He sat down on the sofa and told Barbie to jump on top. At first she faced him. "I can't get it in," she complained. "Well try harder," admonished Joel. She managed to do it eventually and started bobbing up and down with enthusiasm.

Joel got Barbie to turn around on top so she was facing away from him. "That looks very nice from here" he declared admiring her pert bottom bouncing up and down on his dick. He suggested she play with his balls as well and Barbie was happy to oblige. Joel suggested they try doggy next. Barbie got on all fours on the sofa and Joel shoved his cock back up her pussy. She made much more noise in this position obviously feeling the full length of his tool as it slid in and out of her. Joel asked if it was too big for her, but she claimed it was fine. "Nice little teeny arse…that's what I like," said Joel as he continued banging her.

"Now then when you were behind the bike sheds…did you ever manage to finish them off…did they ejaculate over you?" asked Joel. "Urghh no" replied Barbie. Joel explained he was going to show her a facial and to get Barbie to comply threatened to tell her parents again. He pulled out and got her to lie back on the sofa. "Wank me like you wanked those boys behind the bike sheds" said Joel kneeling up beside her face. He then took over and told her to play with his balls. Within minutes he dropped a massive load of white spunk across her mouth and chin. "That looks really good on your pretty little face," Joel said admiring his work. He told Barbie he would not tell her parents, but if he heard she was back behind the bike sheds she would be straight back in his office for more punishment. He finished the session off by dismissing Barbie.

Fantastic role play fun with an escort who really knows how to get into it. Highly recommended.

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Barbie of Wolverhampton