Bek of London

Date: Wednesday 22 October, 2003
Time Spent: 2 hours
Place: Incall
Price: £250
Description: 24-year old brunette escort with dark brown eyes and a curvy 5' 7" body. Educated graduate. Lovely personality.

This was one of my best punts ever. I really clicked with Bek and so it made for a fantastic time; she is really relaxed, which immediately puts you at ease and clearly enjoys sex. Bek had just moved in to a new apartment when I visited her. It's in a block of flats, but is very discreet. On entering she took my jacket, and then led me into a small bedroom. After sorting out the money we sat on the bed and she asked what I was into. I'm never quite sure what to say when an escort asks me this, so I mumbled a few things such as kissing. She asked if I liked toys and pointed to a small table where there were 4 vibrators as well as condoms and lube. I said I would be delighted to see a toy-show later. We then started kissing; lovely soft, gentle snogging. I felt like I was on a first date with one sensual, sexy lady. Slowly Bek started to undo my shirt and I could feel myself getting hard.

Next Bek took her own top off to reveal a lovely see-through lacy black bra, which really showed off her tits well. This inspired a discussion of nipples in which I confessed that what really turned me on was a good blow-job. She suggested I remove my trousers and pants and get comfortable on the bed. After some more kissing Bek decided she needed to get comfortable too by undressing. Once she had removed her bra I got my first chance to suck and lick her breasts. While I was doing this she reached round for my cock and started giving me a hand-job.

After stripping off the rest of her clothes Bek proceeded to give me uncovered oral. Her technique was very good. Like a professional she uses her hand on the shaft of your cock while sucking the head. My dick was soon rock hard, and I was struggling not to cum then and there. Bek seemed to sense my predicament and tactfully stopped and asked what else I was into. I offered to give her a licking, which she readily agreed to. We swapped positions and I started by gently kissing Bek all down her body until I arrived at her pussy. Unlike most girls these days Bek is not fully shaved. She also has large pussy lips, so there is plenty to enjoy while you are down there. The reverse oral naturally led into the toy-show and Bek suggested we both use a vibrator. She concentrated on her clit while I got to insert another dildo up her cunt. What fun! Bek enjoyed this so much that she soon came.

After the toy session it was my turn for attention again. She gave me some more BBBJ, then it was on with the rubber and I got to lay back and see this horny young thing mount me. Bek seemed to struggle in this position noting that I was not lacking at all in cock size. To give her a break I suggested we moved to mish. This was much better for both of us and I was able to give her a really good seeing to! Neither of us wanted to stop, but I could tell I was nearing the edge and I didn't want to miss the CIM with swallow that Bek offers. So it was off with the condom and I knelt over Bek for her to wank and lick my cock, all the while keeping her mouth wide open ready to take my cum. Unfortunately I'd been holding off so long that when I did cum the first strong squirt missed her mouth and ended up all over her face! I was shocked, but Bek just cheerfully took it in her stride and simply swallowed the cum that did land in her mouth, then used her finger to wipe the cum from her eye and swallowed that too. Amazing. Afterwards we cleaned up and had another chat. I was sorry to leave. This was a real GFE, except I'm not sure many girlfriends would have laughed about the cum in the eye like Bek did. She is terrific and really good value.

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Bek of London