Billie of London

Date: Thursday 24 October 2013
Time Spent: 1 hour
Place: Incall in Rugby
Price: £150
Description: Attractive, young, petite, busty Pornstar.

A new place has opened in Rugby offering incalls with various escorts on different days. It is easy to find and there is free parking for one hour right outside. Many of the escorts who work there are Pornstars – so if you are into Pornstars and PSE punting it’s definitely worth a visit. Joe had chosen a day when a relatively new porn star - Billie Rai - was working. It seems she is doing at least two days a month in Rugby. Follow her profile for more information.

Billie was wearing a “Class of 69” schoolgirl outfit with knee-high black socks. They sat on the bed chatting. Billie has only just started escorting and has only been doing porn for four months. Things kicked off when she knelt up and started unzipping her schoolgirl outfit. “I love being a little fuck toy” she purred as the uniform slipped from her tight body revealing matching bra and panties. Joe was stuck for words as he admired her gorgeous body.

“What size are these puppies?” asked Joe gently brushing the outside of her bra. “Double D” replied Billie “you going to have a suck on them?” she continued. Billie quickly jettisoned the bra and Joe got to work. One of her nipples is pierced and has a bar through it. “They got names?” asked Joe. “No they’re just my little twins” replied Billie “they’re my big whore tits” she continued “I love smothering guys faces in them.” Joe quickly found his face buried in her ample breasts.

Joe asked Billie how she liked it. “I’m more of a giver than a taker” she told him. “I love giving blow jobs…it’s my speciality” she continued. Joe lay down and Billie climbed on top of him, wriggling her cute bottom on his nether regions. “I can feel that cock growing” she said. Billie helped Joe off with his shirt. He got her to bend over by the side of the bed. Pulling Billie’s knickers aside he licked her pussy.

Billie removed Joe’s trousers. She played with his cock through his pants. Pulling it out she wanked it. “I’m guna put a johnny on it and give it a suck” she said. Due to her porn work Billie only offers oral with condom. Once she had bagged Joe’s cock Billie got down to work. She licked up his shaft, and then took it all in, sucking hard and deep. Despite the condom, Joe enjoyed it. She even payed attention to his balls.

Billie stood up and removed her knickers. Joe licked her pussy again and fingered her. Billie wanted to taste her own juices, so Joe stuck his fingers in her mouth. She seemed to enjoy this. They moved into the sixty-nine position for some mutual oral. Billie wanted to feel his cock inside her, so they decided to fuck. One advantage of oral with condom is you can just go straight into the fucking! They started out in mish – Joe went in hard and fast. Billie likes talking dirty during sex in true Pornstar style.

Joe switched it to doggy, taking the opportunity to spank Billie’s arse. He fucked her fast and furiously. When he ran out of energy Billie offered to bounce on his dick. He readily accepted and collapsed back on to the bed. Billie grabbed his cock and shoved it up her tight hole once again. She bounced up and down energetically – she loves to fuck this one. Joe moaned with pleasure.

Billie hopped off. She wanted to taste her own juices again Afterwards she gave him another blowjob, spitting all over his cock for good measure. Joe returned the favour by going down on her some more. He was hoping to get her to squirt but unfortunately that did not happen. Instead he fucked her again, starting out in mish. Billie held on to the headboard as he pounded her hard and fast. He gave her a right good seeing to.

Joe told her to get on all fours again. She happily obliged and he pounded away. Slowing down Joe played with Billie’s clit while his cock was deep inside her pussy. He carried on fucking her some more before collapsing back on to the bed. Billie blew him then jumped on his cock. This time though she faced away from him. He got her to tickle his balls as they fucked.

Joe was ready to cum now. Unfortunately Billie does not allow punters to cum on her face (nor does she kiss by the way). So Joe elected to cum over her tits. He straddled Billie on the bed. She gave him a nice tit job. Grabbing hold of his cock, she wanked him hard. When she started talking dirty to him that did it. He squirted his white spunk all over her neck, missing most of her tits. Joe did not mind though it had been a good PSE punt.

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