Blackbaby of Southampton

Blackbaby of Southampton Date: 10 October 2008
Time Spent: 1 hour
Place: Incall at her place.
Price: £140
Description: Horny & sexy 42-year-old Ebony escort.

Blackbaby aka Sasha offers incalls from a house in Southampton city centre. When John arrived he was shown through to the living room and they sat together on the sofa. Sasha explained she offers two services. For £80 you can have 30 minutes with her and get a handjob, covered blowjob and full sex. Then there is the 1 hour / £140 service which includes everything but anal (which she does not do). So you get oral with, French kissing, fingering, fist fucking, rimming, pussy slapping, spanking, toy show, and cum over tits, tummy or arse. The choice was a no-brainer for John and he passed over £140 cash. Sasha led him upstairs.

After taking a shower John lay on the bed and waited for Sasha to return. She entered the room and immediately climbed on top of him and thrust her tits in his face. “How bout having a suckie, suckie on my titie, titie” she said removing her red bra. “Now watch those nipples grow” she continued as John licked and sucked them. “How about a good spank on the arse cheeks” Sasha said. John duly obliged. Sasha stood up and removed her knickers. “Nice boots” noted John. “These are my fucking boots” declared Sasha telling him they look even better covered in cum.

Sasha re-positioned herself on top of John so her booty was pointing at his face. “Have you ever fist-fucked a girl before?” she asked John. He hadn’t so she told him “would you like to try?” Sasha explained how to do it and John got down to it. He started out with one finger, but soon moved on to two, then three and four fingers. “Never forget the thumb” said Sasha as she encouraged him to push and twist. After stopping for a minute to apply some lube John soon had his whole hand up her pussy. “Oh fuck that feels wonderful” said Sasha as he moved it back and forth and jiggled his hand about. Fantastic stuff!

Now Sasha concentrated on John removing his boxers and lubing up his cock. Starting off with a nice hand job his cock soon rose to the occasion. Sasha only does covered oral so she quickly applied a condom and then started sucking hard on his knob. “Deeper the better I say” declared Sasha as she took the whole of his length inside her mouth. “That’s it girl gag on it” she continued. This girl just loves the dirty talk! “Do you like your balls sucked?” asked Sasha. When John replied yes she immediately got to work, first tickling them with her tongue then sucking on each one. Finally she sucked both balls at the same time. “I reckon if I could get the cock in as well I would” she said.

“Shall we play with toys now or do you want me to sit right on it?” asked Sasha. “Have a little sit on it” replied John. Sasha hopped on top of him and pushed it inside her pussy. Immediately she jumped up and down with enthusiasm giving him a good fucking. She only hopped off to give him some more oral, and then suggested they change position to doggy. “That’s it fuck that hole” she encouraged John as he pounded her. “Oh make those cheeks nice and red for me” she continued. Sasha certainly is vocal in the bedroom!

“Fancy a change of position babe?” asked Sasha. John agreed and suggested mish. Sasha laid back and spread her legs wide. John got in-between and inserted his throbbing member up her hole again. As he energetically fucked her Sasha said “That’s it pound that black pussy”. John did his best but he soon tired and declared he wanted a breather. Sasha offered to give him a toy show while he recovered.

The toy show started with Sasha pushing two egg-shaped balls up her fanny. Then she picked up a rabbit and stuck that up there as well, while using the rabbit ears to tease her clit. “I tell you what lets put the big mother fucker in” declared Sasha, grabbing an enormous dildo. With the balls still in her pussy she inserted the massive dildo into her hole, twisting and pushing to get it in further. Deciding to free up some space she moved the balls and then shoved the big dildo right up herself. Then it was back to her favourite toy the rabbit. This led to her squirting twice, although the second one was more of a dribble and she said it was not on tap today like it normally is so she knocked it on the head.

Sasha suggested some more oral next so John made himself comfortable on the bed and she straddled him. On went a condom and she gave him some more head. At the other end John played with Sasha’s pussy. “Are you going to try fisting me again?” asked Sasha. John was happy to have another go and this time he easily managed to get all five fingers up her. He twisted and pushed as he had been told so he could hear and feel the suction from her pussy. From her appreciative noises you could tell Sasha enjoyed this as much as John.

The session continued with more oral from Sasha. “Now what would you think if I hopped on?” asked Sasha. John thought it would be great so she climbed on board once more. This time she assumed the squat fucking position and gave John the ride of his life. “Yea you like” she asked as she bounced up and down on him. John couldn’t take much more. He slipped his cock out of her and told Sasha he was about to cum. “Now you gonna get it all over my face?” she asked “cos I love it all over my face”.

John knelt up so his cock was level with Sasha’s face. “Coffee and cream…just how I like it” she said while giving him a vigorous handjob. John exploded showering her mouth and cheeks with his spunk. She took some of it in her mouth and then spitted it back out. Great finish to a good punt.

Like a true professional Sasha checked John had really enjoyed it. You can tell this girl aims to please. Sasha is not for the feint-hearted though as she does give a real full-on sexual experience. Personally I’d say it’s an experience not to be missed.

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Blackbaby of Southampton