Escort Brooke of Sussex

Date: Monday 5 December 2005
Time Spent: 1 hour
Place: Incall at her place, discreetly located smart large detached house at the edge of a Sussex village.
Price: £150
Description: Small, friendly bi-sexual 21-year old, pretty and bubbly with long platinum blonde hair & blue eyes.

Although Brooke advertises independently on a well-known escort web listing, all her bookings actually go through an agency. You do have to give them some personal details before you can make an appointment but this is for the girl’s security and to cut out timewasters, so it’s understandable. The eventual arrangements were fine and the directions given were perfect. The location is easy enough to find, so after parking my car I walked up to the house and knocked at the substantial front door. This was opened by Brooke herself looking lovely, wearing a short black skirt and seamed hold-ups. I got a better view of these walking behind her as I followed her upstairs to the bedroom. On the way she indicated where the bathroom/shower was in case I wanted to use the facilities. The bedroom was very spacious and Brooke offered me a seat on a sofa in the bay window. The first thing we did was to get the money out of the way, then Brooke offered me a drink and left the room to fetch it. On her return she sat next to me on the sofa and we chatted.

The session started with some French kissing. Brooke told me she likes to give the girlfriend experience (GFE) and she certainly didn’t hold back when kissing me. This was full-on girlfriend kissing. I stroked her as we kissed; she was wearing a shiny black top which was nice and silky to the touch. At the mention of this Brooke offered to show me what was underneath. She undid her top to reveal a purple lacy basque with satin ribbons threaded all down the front; the clinging see-through lace showed off her skin nicely. We kissed some more and I took the opportunity to feel the shape of Brooke’s tits. She stroked me as well and we ended up snogging like teenagers on the sofa!

I asked Brooke to stand up so I could take a better look at her. She looked rather damn sexy standing there in her strappy red high heels and black stockings. I got her to give me a twirl and then show me her bottom. I lifted up her skirt to find a nice purple g-string nestling between her cheeks. Brooke told me she loves it when guys touch her bum as it makes her really horny. Excellent! I removed her short black skirt then stood up to cuddle and kiss her some more. She helped take my shirt off and ran her tongue all over my chest and tummy, paying particular attention to my nipples. As we kissed again, she slowly rubbed my crotch and I took the chance to feel her little round arse some more.

I asked Brooke if her tits would pop out of her basque. “Yeah why don’t you have a look and see?” she replied, so we carefully exposed both her breasts. Her pink nipples are quite prominent and she invited me to have a suck on them. I didn’t need asking twice and happily got stuck in. Brooke encouraged me, telling me what a good job I was doing of turning her on. I suggested she would be more comfortable if we took her basque right off, so she turned around for me and I unclipped all the hooks down the back. This now topless blonde poppet gave me another kiss and we decided to get comfy over on the bed.

We lay together cuddling and snogging, then I worked my way down her body, sucking her nipples first then kissing all the way down to her g-string which I pulled down and off over her heels. Brooke’s naked minge was shaved bare with plump inviting lips. I started by licking my fingers and gently stroking and playing with her pussy. Then I went down on her, licking her clitoris before inserting a finger inside her cunt. She seemed to like this and started rubbing my crotch as I continued finger-fucking her.

Brooke undid my belt and told me I should get rid of my trousers so I stood up to remove them and my underpants. Now returning naked to the bed, Brooke immediately got hold of my cock, took it into her mouth and started sucking it. She began slowly taking a lot in, but her sucking was so powerful that it very soon swelled under her attention. Soon she was sucking hard on the end of my knob with rapid movements, just the way I like it. At times she would pause and gob on it to add lubrication – lovely! But the best part is when Brooke looks right up into your eyes, all sweet and innocent, while her mouth is stuffed full of dick… what a turn on! She also paid nice attention to my balls, holding my cock up out of the way as she went underneath to give me a good teabagging. This girl sure knows how to please a man. I asked if she liked sucking cock and she replied “I love it”. This certainly seems to be the case as she happily blew me for quite a while. Eventually she said “Shall I get a condom?” and rather breathlessly I agreed.

Brooke grabbed a rubber from a bedside drawer and I helped her to put it on me. I wanted to take her in missionary first so I got Brooke to lie at the edge of the bed. She was still wearing her black seamed hold-up stockings and sexy red heels and she looked so great with her long blonde hair and pretty face as she spread her legs and invited me in. I asked her to put my cock inside herself. The first time you penetrate a girl always feels special and Brooke was no exception. Wow it felt good just being inside her red hot box. I started off slowly just as she had on the blow job. She lay back and closed her eyes, feeling my dick working between her thighs. Then I increased the tempo, really giving her a good fucking and making the bed shake with my exertion. She told me this was really good, so I knew she liked a vigorous seeing-to. I stopped for a moment to kiss her, but then it was right back to it, holding on to her stockinged legs as I pumped away. By this point her pussy was getting nice and creamy. I told Brooke to play with her clit as I fucked her, so I could enjoy watching her masturbate herself as my cock slid in and out of her hole. I noticed she was also squeezing her left boob at the same time, she seemed to be getting well into this. Awesome!

We changed around to doggy and I got the chance to slam hard up against her round bum. Brooke spurred me on saying “Oh yeah fuck me”. At one stage we did a little dirty talk with me saying “Feel that cock going in your pussy” and Brooke responding “Your big hard cock’s going into that wet pussy…and it’s really wet right now”. Go girl! Shagging away like this Brooke told me “You’re gonna make me cum all over that cock”. I asked her if she could make herself cum easily and she replied yes, not needing anything more now than for me to carry on fucking her like I was. I told her to go for it and within a short while she was gripping the duvet tightly, pushing back hard on my dick and letting out loud “Arrgh” cries. It’s always hard to tell if a working girl is faking this or not, but it sure makes a punter feel good anyway!

This seemed a natural end to the fucking so I suggested to Brooke that she give me a toy show. She had a selection of toys, but we decided to use her favourite – the Rabbit. She made herself comfortable sat up on the bed and began to show me how she likes to pleasure herself, giving me a running commentary as well. It’s nice to meet a young girl who has the self-confidence to talk in this horny way – no doubt helped by the fact Brooke offers phone sex and webcam shows, clearly a natural flirt! After a bit she asked if I’d like to join in, so I played with her tits as she used one hand to insert the Rabbit in her pussy and frigged her clit with the other. Soon I progressed to holding the Rabbit myself, sliding it in and out of her wet cunt while she continued to stimulate her own clitoris. What a great sight!

After watching her pleasure herself I decided it was time for me to enjoy an orgasm. So I asked Brooke to give me some more of her fantastic OWO, ending with a facial. Brooke said that was fine so she lay on the bed while I stood beside it positioning my cock so it was dangling over her angelic young face framed with all that blonde hair. She commenced blowing me enthusiastically. As she got me near to climax I told her to take it out and wank me over her face. This did the trick and soon I was telling Brooke I was going to cum. “Cum all over my face” she said and the next moment I was splattering my jizz as she milked me across her chin and cheek. Brooke managed to smile and check I had had a good time with this mess still across her face, and it wasn’t until I offered to get her a tissue to clean it up that she could actually move again. Nice ending to a good punt.

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