Chantelle of Stoke

Date: Friday 8 September 2006
Time Spent: 30 minutes.
Place: Emma’s Massage Parlour, 230 London Road, Stoke-on-Trent ST4 5HR. Tel: 01782 746060.
Price: £10 door fee + £40 in room. Extras = OWO £10, CIM £15 and £25 to swallow.
Description: Bubbly half Caribbean lady with cracking smile, lovely eyes and a curvy figure. Very horny and loves to please.

Nick B was having the pleasure of this punt (see his PunterNet report here) and before heading for Emma’s he took me on a tour of other Stoke Parlours. This time I suggested he went inside a couple and find out who was working. So we discovered Leah and Toni were working at The Head Office while a blonde teenage escort called Peaches was working at Caesar’s.

When we arrived at Emma’s, Chantelle greeted Nick at the door and gave him a kiss on the lips before showing him into the room. Money changed hands, then Nick was left to get undressed. Chantelle re-appeared and got down to the massage. They chatted while she worked. Chantelle asked Nick to turn over and at this point she started removing her clothes. Off came the little black dress to reveal a pink and black basque with matching g-string, suspenders and black fishnet stockings. As she started covering Nick in lotion Chantelle also unleashed her 36D tits by pulling the basque down. She lent over Nick’s face and allowed him to suck her nipples. They took this opportunity to kiss as well. Soon Chantelle was asking Nick if he wanted oral with or without. He opted for the later and soon had the pleasure of feeling Chantelle’s sweet lips round his shaft. You could tell she knew how to suck cock taking long, deep strokes. Nick asked her to suck his balls and with no hesitation she obliged. He then asked about rimming and that was no problem either. Brilliant service!

Chantelle removed her g-string and then continued the OWO. As she bent over him Nick took the opportunity to finger her pussy. “Do you wanna give me a fucking then?” Chantelle asked and Nick replied “Oh yea”. Chantelle expertly bagged his knob with the minimum of fuss, and Nick suggested she go on her back. She removed her shoes and laid down. Nick entered her and immediately started pumping away. Luckily Chantelle is very vocal and the noises she makes while being fucked are superb.

“Shall we change position?” suggested Chantelle and they moved into doggy. For this Nick stood at the end of the bed and Chantelle thrust her shapely arse up towards him as she knelt on all fours on the bed. Nick’s cock disappeared between those buttocks and they were off fucking again. “Do you take a spanking?” asked Nick. “Yea” came the reply “nice and hard”. Nick fucked her and slapped her arse and she seemed to be loving this. On several occasions she told him to slap her harder! As she got what she wanted her screams of pleasure grew louder. Nick suggested the next position. Typical for a man he chose to lie down and let the woman ride him. Chantelle faced away from him so he could feel that lovely Caribbean booty. He also had a quick feel of her tits.

They moved into doggy again, during which Chantelle asked for some more spanking. Cheekily I mentioned to her that it was a great position for two cocks and to my surprise she undid my trousers and got my knob out as well. Soon I was feeling what it was like to have some OWO from this Caribbean Queen. I have to say it was fantastic and she had my cock rock hard in minutes. Meanwhile Nick was still fucking her in doggy and I spurred him on to slap her arse some more. Chantelle took a breather and as my rock hard knob twitched in front of her face she playfully licked the end. Then she smothered it with her mouth again as she sucked hard on it just how I liked it.

When Nick B stopped fucking her she pulled away from sucking me. Nick laid down and she started paying attention to his cock. I still wanted more, so I came close again and she gave me a hand job while sucking Nick. I suggested to Chantelle that she suck one cock then the other and, obliging as ever, she quickly got down to the task. I was the first to enjoy the delights of Chantelle’s skilful mouth, until I instructed her to suck the other one as well. But she was soon back to mine, perhaps sensing that I was getting close to cumming. I told her to wank it hard right in her face. Soon I was squirting my hot cum juice into her mouth and over her right shoulder. I noticed with satisfaction that she swallowed the spunk that had landed in her mouth. Perfect!

It was now time for Chantelle to finish off Nick. To get him ready they decided to do some 69 with Chantelle taking the bottom position. This turned into more of an OWO session for Nick, and he was soon ready to cum over her face. Unlike me he couldn’t manage it with her wanking him. So he straddled Chantelle so his cock was in front of her face then wanked himself off. Chantelle took over at the last minute and managed to direct some of his spunk into her mouth. She showed Nick her tongue full of spunk before, once again, swallowing the lot! This girl seems to love her spunk.

Afterwards, while talking to Chantelle about the session she mentioned she does offer a 2-guy service for double the price. So if you and a mate went a naughty time with a horny girl who loves to please you know who to visit! Like many girls working in massage parlours, Chantelle does work at several places.

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