Rochdale Escort Charlie

Date: Saturday 4 March 2006
Time Spent: 1 hour
Place: Incall.
Price: £130
Description: Mature, slim lady with fair hair and blue eyes.

Ever since Nick B first came forward to take part in RealPunting, he’s been keen to do a watersports session, but it proved difficult to find an escort willing to show this service on film. But then I was told about Charlie who offers all services, and I do mean all – rimming, anal, watersports (giving and receiving) and hardsports too. She works out of the same place as Trinity and all her bookings go through Sue who can be very unreliable – sometimes nobody will be there when you turn up for your appointment.

Charlie started off Nick’s appointment by asking if he wanted to do the watersports at the beginning of the session or the end. He felt like doing the pissing first, so they both got undressed and Charlie led Nick out of the bedroom to a small bathroom. She climbed into the tub, squatted down and held her hair up out of the way. Nick got in beside her and pointed his cock at her chest. A jet of pee blasted out across Charlie’s tits, who said “That’s warm that…you’ve got hot pee!” Soon Nick had a steady flow going and he seemed to take delight in shooting it at Charlie’s nipples. It was quite a long piss in the end, and Nick made sure every drop landed on her. He then asked Charlie to suck his cock. After he had finished Charlie wasn’t sure if she could manage to pee yet, so she had a quick wash and they both returned to the bedroom.

Once they were back in the bedroom Charlie decided that actually she could pee now. So she laid some towels down on the floor beside the bed. Nick lay down on them and Charlie squatted over him. Soon she was gushing out her fanny champagne, cascading over his cock and balls. At one point Charlie squatted down too low and Nick gently raised her up again so he could get a good view of the golden wee as well as feeling it. When she was done, Nick said “Nice” and then took himself off for a shower.

There now followed a “regular” session for a while. This kicked off with Charlie giving Nick some nice OWO. Nick asked her to lick his balls and she immediately obliged, paying them some attention. He then fancied some rimming, so he got on all fours on the bed and Charlie licked and teased his arsehole with her tongue. More oral followed until Nick asked Charlie if he could taste her now. She rearranged herself more comfortably on the bed and Nick came beside her and started kissing her. He played with her tits and gradually started to touch her pussy. He went down on her and then inserted fingers too.

It was now time for some penetration, so it was on with a condom and Nick fucked her in missionary. After pumping her for a while Nick asked Charlie if they could play with some toys. She agreed and gave him a toy to use on her. They began with Charlie lying down while Nick stood beside her inserting the toy into her pussy. But soon Nick was keen to change around, getting himself up on the bed, positioning his arse over Charlie’s face so she could rim him some more at the same time.

The dildo play stopped when Nick told Charlie he felt like peeing again. So it was off to the bathroom once more for another dose of watersports. Charlie squatted down in the tub and Nick pissed over her. There wasn’t as much as the first time, but there was still a good flow. Charlie had another wash and they returned to the bedroom again for Nick’s turn to be pissed on. Towels were spread out again and Nick lay down. Charlie had a second good pee over his cock and balls again. There was more than she expected “It’s like Niagara falls ain’t it” she said. “Fantastic” replied Nick. After she finished he took another shower.

Time was nearly up now, so Charlie asked Nick where he wanted to cum. He requested over her face and she happily agreed. Charlie made herself comfortable on the bed, and Nick knelt over her, dangling his cock in her gob. She sucked and wanked it until he shot his load landing on the side of her face. After a clean up Charlie showed Nick out.

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Rochdale Escort Charlie