Charming Red of Brighton

Charming Red
Date: Wednesday 12 January 2011
Time Spent: 1 hour
Place: Incall
Price: £100
Description: Pretty, curvy, friendly & fun, bisexual 18 year old.

Joe had no problem finding Charming Red's incall place. Metered parking is available on the street outside. He was buzzed into the apartments and had a little difficulty finding his way to her basement flat (there is a door down to the basement which he missed). He was greeted by Charming Red dressed in lingerie – a very sexy sight indeed. She showed him through to her bedroom and they sat on the end of the bed. Money changed hands and then they chatted.

Charming Red is from Brighton and like most teenagers loves the clubbing scene. Although she is only 18 years old she has had some interesting sexual experiences already – including sex on a roundabout during daylight hours and a threesome on a beach at night. She is bi-sexual and has slept with nine girls so far. Charming Red has been escorting for only four or five months. She offers GFE, kissing, OWO, but no A levels. She has uniforms including schoolgirl.

It was Charming red who ended the conversation and suggested they get down to it. They started kissing. "What size are these puppies then?" asked Joe as he started to undress himself. "34D" replied Charming Red. "That's a bonus," Joe said as he continued to undress. Once naked he returned to the bed and lay down. Charming red popped his penis into her mouth and started sucking. She used her mouth and hand to good effect and he was soon rock hard.

"Shall we lay you down and return the favour?" said Joe. They switched positions, Joe just pulling her lingerie aside and going down on her. "Can I put my thumb in there?" he asked and she readily agreed. He continued working on her, getting her nice and wet. After checking with her he now put two fingers in her pussy. They kissed some more and Joe paid attention to her pert breasts. She started wanking his cock, then popped it in her mouth for some more OWO.

It was Joe who suggested they move on to the main course. As Charming Red got up to sort out a condom he suggested she remove her lingerie. When her tits were revealed Joe immediately started playing with them some more, so her lingerie was still not completely off. Charming Red got up and passed the condom packet to Joe. Her nails had just been done so she would struggle to apply it. She slipped off her lingerie and, at Joe's suggestion, got on all fours on the bed. He inserted his cock into her and started fucking. He enjoyed looking at her great arse as he banged her. "Ah that's tight," gasped Joe as he had to slow down the pace for a minute. Nothing like a tight teenage pussy!

"Shall we lay you down?" said Joe switching positions to mish. He penetrated her again and gave it to her good. Joe kissed her some more, then he sat up and started playing with her clit as his cock was inside her. Charming Red started responding very well to this, so he continued the clit stimulation. Her gasps of delight spurred him on and he decided to withdraw his cock and pay some attention to her pussy. Going down on her again he continued playing with her clit. Once again she gasped with delight. Using his thumb as well he soon bought her to orgasm. Don't think she had ever felt anything like it, judging by the look on her face and the noises she made. Fantastic stuff.

When he came up for air Joe decided to stick his cock in her again. He knobbed her in mish for a bit more, then asked her to go on top. She happily obliged and squatted on his cock, facing him to start with. It was now Joe's turn to enjoy himself as she rode his cock. "Let's turn you round," said Joe. He now got to look at her curvy bottom as she bounced up and down on his dick. The sight was all too much for him and he was soon asking if he could cum over her pretty face. This, of course, was not a problem.

They re-positioned themselves on the bed. Charming Red started off giving Joe a blowjob. He soon took over though wanking his own cock and spurting his white spunk over her cheek. He made a good mess of her pretty face. She checked he had enjoyed himself, as she smiled up at him with spunk still stuck to her face. They cleaned up and she offered him a shower before he left.

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Charming Red of Brighton