Chloe of Leeds

Date: Saturday 9 October 2010
Time Spent: 1 hour
Place: Outcall
Price: £140
Description: Friendly & fun hot blonde. Size 8, 32C bust.

Chloe is from Leeds, born and bred. She got into escorting via two friends who were at the centre of the Manchester United five-hooker orgy scandal involving Ronaldo, Nani and Anderson back in 2007. The girls sold their story to the papers and Chloe said they are still escorting – but only just, as many people don’t trust them any more. Chloe went on to confess she had slept with a few famous people in her job, but she would never do a kiss and tell. For those of you into lap dancers you will be pleased to hear Chloe works in Wildcats in Leeds and Harrogate. However, she was at pains to point out there are no extras on offer when she lap dances! If you want sex - book her as an escort.

One of the reasons Joe had booked Chloe was because she offered A Levels and he was keen to get things moving. So after a drink and chat he suggested they head through to the bedroom. As Chloe put her bag on the bedside table Joe said “So I hear you give the best blowjob in the UK.” Chloe replied “So I’ve been told.” Joe asked her to start off by demonstrating her talents. She undid his trousers, pulled them and his pants down and popped his cock into her mouth. She started sucking hard. Joe immediately noticed she had a pierced tongue. “Do you like it?” asked Chloe. Of course he did! She carried on giving his knob a good seeing to and it was soon rock hard from her attentions. Joe asked her to deep throat him and she did a good job of that as well.

“Shall I lick your pussy?” asked Joe. “Yes please,” replied Chloe. She made herself comfortable on the bed. Joe removed her g-string and immediately noticed she had a piercing down there too. The kinky little minx! He went down on her and then used his fingers as well, getting her well excited. “And there’s your little bottom” said Joe. “Can I put a finger in it?” he asked politely. This was not a problem and he enjoyed the feel of her tight arse for the first time. “Where’s my finger?” asked Joe. “It’s straight up my arse,” replied Chloe. You could tell this was a girl that loves anal. Joe withdrew his finger, rimmed her, and then shoved it up there again. This time her stuck his thumb in her pussy as well, so both holes were filled. Nice!

Joe moved things on, shifting his position so he was near Chloe’s face again. She took the hint and gave him some more of her excellent OWO. He helped Chloe remove her dress so she was now completely naked. Joe wasn’t sure what to do next – her oral is that good – but decided they should get down to the main course. Chloe sorted out a condom. She lay on her back and Joe went to enter her pussy for the first time. “I think you should by pass that and go straight to my arse,” said Chloe. Joe was a bit taken aback by this, but decided, out of courtesy, he should fuck her pussy first. As he pumped away he complimented Chloe on how flexible she was. Chloe replied she had the lap dancing to thank for that.

They switched position to doggy. Once again Chloe checked which hole Joe was going in. He chose the pussy at first saying there was plenty of time yet to fuck her arse. He pumped away enjoying the moment, then asked Chloe if she was ready for a finger up her bottom. “Yes please” she replied. Joe wet his finger in his mouth and then gently pushed it up her back hole. He pumped away again enjoying the sensation of filling both her holes.

Joe turned Chloe over and immediately got to work licking her arse. He then shoved his cock up there, enjoying the tightness of that forbidden hole. “Where’s my cock?” Joe asked Chloe. “Straight up my arse” she replied. He asked her if it felt good and she told him it was nice. “So what’s the next best position for up your arse?” asked Joe. They decided on doggy. Once again Joe enjoyed the sensation of entering her tight bum hole. “Where’s my cock again?” said Joe. “Fucking my arse” replied Chloe. He got her to reach round and touch his balls at the same time as he fucked her. “You’ve got a fine little arse,” Joe said.

The arse fucking had got Joe well excited and he was soon asking Chloe if he could finish by cumming over her face. She was happy to oblige and made herself more comfortable on the bed. Joe knelt up by her face. Chloe sucked him off feeling his balls as well. At the last minute she switched to wanking him and he shot his load into her gaping mouth and all over her chin. Then she sucked the last drops out of his knob. “That was fantastic” declared Joe as Chloe pushed his cum out of her mouth so that it dribbled down her chin and on to the bed. Nice ending to a good punt.

If you are looking for A Levels at a decent price from a fun and willing blonde with a nice tight body then book Chloe. You won’t be disappointed.

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Chloe of Leeds