Christelle of Brighton

Date: Saturday 16 December 2006
Time Spent: 1 hour.
Place: Incall at her smart apartment.
Price: £140
Description: 22-year old Geordie lass with a lovely tanned body, silvery-blonde hair, small tits, smooth long legs. Nice relaxed attitude but dynamite in the bedroom! Some tats & piercings.

My last punt of 2006 (well filmed punt!) and I decided to end the year with a bang. Christelle is a Geordie lass and we all know what those girls are like – down to earth, up for it and dirty. I found her new apartment easily. It is on the sea front and there is meter parking right outside. Once I was buzzed into the building I made my way up to her floor. Christelle greeted me at the door dressed in a vibrant pink outfit – tight hot pants and boob tube covered by a net mini dress – topped off with black boots and a hat. She looked fantastic, the pink colour really showing up well against her smooth, sun-tanned skin. She kissed me and led me through to her room. We sat together on the bed and I was introduced to her second pussy. She explained what would happen in the hour, I paid the money and then took a shower.

The session started off with a massage and I chatted to Christelle as her hands caressed my body. I asked her how a Geordie lass ended up in Brighton, and why she changed her name recently (she was called Paige). Half way through she asked me “so how’s your massage coming on”. I told her it was very nice and Christelle replied “you better not fall asleep on me because I need some sex”. I like these up front Geordie girls! When she turned me over she decided her clothes should come off. She turned her back to me and shook her sexy arse in my direction. Then the dress and boob tube came off to reveal her small, but nicely formed tits. At this point the hat came off as well, but she left the boots and hot pants on.

Christelle returned to the bed and knelt in between my legs. Grabbing my cock she popped it all into her mouth and started sucking hard. Her oral technique is superb and she soon had it jumping to attention. Using both her mouth and hand Christelle will look deep into your eyes as she sucks your knob. It’s a great feeling. Pulling away from my cock for a moment, she positioned her mouth above it and spat on it. Then it was back to sucking, licking and vigorous hand work. At one point she went in for a period of strong, quick sucking and I thought I was going to cum right then and there. Luckily I managed to hold off and I suggested we try sixty-nine.

Christelle jumped off the bed to remove her hot pants. As she did so I mentioned that it looked like she had nice lips. She immediately propped herself against the wall and showed off her long lips to me. “You’re just dying to get them in your mouth aren’t you?” she said. How right she was. Christelle got on top and at last I had a face full of her sweet, shaven haven. I dived in with enthusiasm, licking both her pussy and her arse. Soon I was fingering her, feeling that tight hole. I asked if I could fuck her and Christelle said “I thought you’d never ask” as she hopped off me to sort out a condom.

We started out fucking with me on top. Christelle kept her black boots on and as she got into position opening up her legs wide before me I knew I was one lucky fella entering this hot body. Needless to say it felt fantastic. As I pumped away she spurred me on telling me to “fuck her tight, wet pussy”. As I increased the pace she moaned with pleasure. We slowed down for a minute and kissed, but I soon returned to the hard pumping that she seemed to love.

Christelle suggested I take her from behind so we switched to doggy. As I entered her she asked if she could play with her vibrator. I agreed, but also asked if I could put a finger up her arse. She said yes to this, but wanted the toy as well. These Geordie lasses want it all! She asked me to select a toy, but I told her to use her favourite. After she grabbed it and turned it on I re-entered her tight hole. She told me to fuck her nice and slow as she used the vibrator to stimulate her clit. We fucked like this for a while and then I suggested sticking a finger up her bum as well. She readily agreed to this and in fact once I had my finger in there told me she wanted it deeper. “Shove it right up there” she requested. Now that’s horny and dirty!

It wasn’t easy fingering her arse and fucking her at the same time, so I suggested she play with the toys on her own for a few minutes. I was hoping she would cum this way. She started off with the vibrator in her pussy, but she soon moved it to her arse, fingering her clit at the same time. It was so sexy watching her shove the toy deep into her own arse. I asked if she could cum like this and she replied “If you stick your finger in my arse and I play with my pussy”. Game on. As I slipped my finger back into her arse, she asked for another one up her pussy. I happily obliged. Meanwhile she was paying her clit some attention with the vibrator. I fingered her arse and pussy vigorously, sticking it right up her bum as she requested. Together we tried to get her to cum, but in the end she just could not do it so she suggested I fuck her some more.

I lay down on the bed and Christelle bought my cock back to life. Once ready to go, she literally jumped on top of me and shoved my cock inside. She energetically bounced up and down on me – this girl loves to fuck. In fact she did this so hard my knob fell out a couple of times, but Christelle just gently put it back in. I suggested she stick a finger up her arse and then told her to lean over towards me so we could kiss. As we carried on fucking she suddenly increased the pace, letting out more moans and a final little scream at the end as she collapsed on top of me. Yes she had cum – fantastic stuff!

I told Christelle it was now my turn to cum and I asked if I could do this over her face. This was no problem and we quickly switched positions. Off came the condom and Christelle said “I want your juicy spunk all over my face and right in my big mouth” as she gave me a vigorous hand job. Soon I was squirting my load at her – the first blast landing on her face, but the rest she directed into her mouth. She showed it all to me while it was still in there, before spitting it out.

A good punt with a lovely girl who makes you feel really relaxed, yet gives you one hell of a horny time in the bedroom. Definitely recommended.

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