Claudia of London

Date: Wednesday 26 January 2005
Time Spent: 1 hour
Place: Outcall to hotel.
Price: £160
Description: Blonde blue-eyed 24-year old Polish Party girl.

Joel first met Claudia at one of the Gentleman’s Relish Parties where she still works from time to time. He was particularly taken with her and had been looking forward to some private time with her for a while.

Claudia arrived at the hotel dressed in casual denim with white boots. Claudia’s English is not her strongest talent, so after a brief drink and chat, Joel handed over her fee, then she went off to the bathroom to get changed. She returned in a saucy satin/lace slip kind of a thing that showed off her matching knickers, along with black holdups and black strappy heels. Joel got Claudia to give him a little twirl so he could examine the outfit, then she sat on the bed beside him and they carried on enjoying their drinks. Before long they were kissing, Joel enjoying two bouts of snogging before Claudia started unbuttoning his shirt. They both put their drinks down now as the action got more intense. Once Joel’s chest was accessible Claudia kissed and stroked his nipples.

Claudia now undid Joel’s trousers. As his pants became visible it was obvious he already had an erection and Claudia gently stroked it. Joel stood up to help her so she pulled his trousers and pants down to his knees then immediately paid attention to his cock. She gently kissed and licked it, then began a good session of OWO with lots of strong sucking. Joel noted “God that feels good”. He asked Claudia if she could Deep Throat? At first she did not seem to understand, then when she finally got it she shook her head and said “er…nope”. They both laughed and she continued her oral work.

Claudia gestured for Joel to sit back down on the bed beside her. They engaged in slow, sensual kissing again. Joel asked if he could take Claudia’s chemise off so she removed it for him. He played with her tits, while she continued to grope his stiffy. Joel then decided to lie back on the bed for better enjoyment. As soon as he was relaxed Claudia got to work on his cock again, enthusiastically giving him head. Joel also asked Claudia to lick his balls and she duly obliged much to his delight. Joel got Claudia to come up to him for a hug and they kissed again. As her tits were now near his face Joel paid them some more attention. He asked if he could lick her pussy and suggested they do sixty-nine.

Claudia took her knickers off so she was now just in her black stockings and heels. Joel couldn’t resist a little play with her pussy as it was first revealed and then they adopted the sixty-nine position with Claudia on top. Joel spread Claudia’s pink pussy lips wide open and then dived in with his tongue. He quickly seemed to find the right spot, as Claudia’s moans got louder. At the other end she was busy wanking Joel’s dick inbetween giving him more oral. Joel told her to lick his balls too. As she did so Joel changed to diddling her clit with his fingers. This seemed to really work for her as it looked like Claudia came - she certainly thanked Joel for his actions! After some more cock-sucking she said “Do you wanna fuck now?” Joel obviously replied “Yes please!”

Once lubed up Claudia asked Joel how he wanted her. He requested her on top, but she said no, presumably because she felt his cock was too big for that position. They settled on doggy. Joel penetrated Claudia’s pussy then grabbed on to her arse and helped her to move back and forth on his dick. After pounding away for a while, Joel leaned over and kissed Claudia with his cock deep inside her. Then it was back to the fucking, Joel alternating between fast and furious and slow deep strokes.

He suggested a change of position so they moved to missionary. This enabled Joel to snog Claudia again and play with her boobs as he shagged her. He also used his fingers to good effect, frigging Claudia’s clit again while he was inside her. From her moans she certainly seemed to enjoy this assistance. They fucked with her legs open high and wide for a while, and you could tell Joel was getting close to coming. In the end he pulled out and got Claudia to remove his condom. She lay on the bed near the edge, he stood beside with one leg up so his cock was positioned right near Claudia’s mouth. She sucked hard on his knob, then licked Joel’s balls as he liked. Finally she gave Joel a vigorous hand job. He told her to look right at him as she did it and this took him over the edge - he shot his load over Claudia’s tits. As Joel looked at the mess he said it reminded him of the Gentleman’s Relish party. “That was great – thanks,” he said and Claudia replied “Your welcome” in her sexy Polish accent.

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Claudia of London