Club Fantasy Escort Party 2, London

Date: Tuesday 25 July 2006
Time Spent: 2 hours.
Place: Apartment in Baker Street area of London.
Price: £80.
Description: Lisa: 24 year old nice Polish lady with long red hair. Janca: Attractive Belgian lady with auburn hair and multiple tattoos.

Once you have discovered Club Fantasy Parties it’s rather tempting to keep coming back. The girls are obliging and the atmosphere is laid-back, fun and friendly. Like most sex parties, to be practical there are two sessions hosted the same day, afternoon and evening, for the convenience of punters. On this occasion I was attending the evening event but the parties had moved location since my last visit, and this time there was only one big bedroom in the rented apartment. However, this added to the atmosphere, allowing everybody to see what both girls were up to and easily switch between them.

Everybody had assembled to chat and smoke in the kitchen/lounge area and when Steve2 announced the start of the party Janca and Lisa led the men through to the bedroom. Both girls were wearing transparent black sexy short dresses with high heels. Janca kept hers on and immediately set to work giving one guy oral. Lisa removed hers to expose a nice pair of round tits, but kept her g-string on for the moment. Someone couldn’t resist groping her straight away and she handled his cock as he was fondling her breasts. Then she climbed on the bed, got on all fours and started giving another punter a blow job. With her arse sticking in the air it was very easy for the other guys to play with her rear end. Janca meanwhile was busy already on her second blow job whilst being penetrated from behind. Before long Lisa obligingly removed her g-string and one chap quickly rubbered up and entered her in doggy too. Both girls continued giving oral as they were being fucked – a double spit roast!

The action around Janca changed, as she now lay on her back. One bloke tried to fuck her in mish, but couldn’t get the position sorted out, so he went down on her for a while instead. Then another guy fucked her in missionary and gave her a good seeing-to. Janca carried on giving blow jobs and hand jobs as all this went on and one punter managed to cum from this shooting his load into her open mouth and over her chin. After he was finished she politely said “Thank you” and then cleaned herself up with a tissue while the guy who was fucking her carried on pumping away. A new person stepped up beside Janca and she proceeded to blow him. Janca’s technique was certainly good as he too was soon cumming into her open mouth. Sometimes the pace of the action at these parties can be quite frantic!

Lisa meanwhile was still getting a good rogering; this fellow had worked up quite a sweat but realising he was not going to cum inside her he took a break and pulled out. Lisa helped him off with the condom and he started wanking. Within a short time he came over Lisa’s stomach, then she retired to the bathroom to get cleaned up. Janca practised deep throat on another guy. It wasn’t long before he was also making a deposit right into her mouth. The girls now retired to the kitchen area for a short break and a fag.

The party restarted with Janca dispensing some more oral. Soon Lisa had joined her on the bed and was enjoying a punter going down on her. Lying on her back she soon had 3 guys around her and 2 cocks to play with. Janca was now being fucked in mish. The bloke licking Lisa’s pussy soon changed to fucking her, starting out on top. He then asked Lisa to change position and they moved into doggy. A bit of shagging like this and he pulled out, removed the rubber and came over her arse. While she cleaned herself up again, Janca took care of another two guys – one fucking her in missionary, the other getting head. When Lisa returned to the fray she was spit-roasted again, one chap banging her in doggy while she gamely tried to suck another.

There was a second short break, then Janca resumed the action again, climbing on to the bed while surrounded by 5 men. Two of them were flagging at this point and held back to watch, while the other three gathered closely round her. They started masturbating over her and responding to her words of encouragement one soon spurted his jizz over her left tit, wiping his cream around her nipple. One bloke started fucking her and she paid attention to the other cock on her right. This did the trick and he soon exploded all over her face. A different chap had taken up position on her left now, so the action continued. No peace for the wicked! Lisa returned to the bedroom and soon found herself spit-roasted again. The party was nearing a close now, so two of the guys finished off by cumming over Lisa’s tits, one on the right and the other on the left. Most of the punters had cum several times by this point and you could tell they were all well shagged-out.

If you like group sex I reckon you would love Club Fantasy parties. The fact so many clients keep returning is evidence they are well-run and great value.

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