Club Fantasy Party, London

Date: Tuesday 28 February 2006
Time Spent: 2 hours
Place: Smart penthouse apartment in Bayswater area of London with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.
Price: £80
Description: Ivona: Sexy slim Polish lady - long dark hair, cheeky blue eyes, small boobs. Dani: Hot Brazilian lady - similar figure but dark-skinned with straight black hair.

Club Fantasy Parties are well-known for obliging girls and relaxed guys having a good time together in a friendly atmosphere. They are also good value for money and are held most weeks. It seems common for party organisers to sensibly make the most of a hired venue by hosting 2 parties in a day – afternoon and evening, with the girls getting a rest inbetween. Some punters can only play during the daytime allowing them to get home at a normal hour, whereas some can only make it after work. On this date it was the evening party I filmed (6pm – 8pm) and 6 guys turned up to sample the two lovely ladies on offer. Some men wanted to hide their identity on film so they chose to wear the masks I had brought along. There is a certain amount of hanging around at the beginning of a party as you wait for everybody to arrive. However, this is a perfect opportunity to have a shower and then sit relaxed in your towel chatting to the girls in their undies, to get yourself acclimatised to the situation.

The party kicked off when the host asked the girls if they were ready? Ivona stood up and led the guys up the spiral staircase to the top bedroom. Dani followed as well, so both girls were in the same room to start with. Guys soon surrounded them and blow jobs and hand jobs were being administered left, right and centre. The girls were also getting attention from all hands, being helped off with their lingerie and having their tits fondled and their pussies licked. There is normally a swift pace to the action at parties, and for the voyeur it’s a dream because there is always something to watch, and nobody minds if you step back and keenly view the action from afar. Of course if you are a bit of an exhibitionist it is equally good as you get a chance to indulge yourself in front of a happy audience of your fellow punters!

Surprisingly it took a little while for any of the guys to cum first time around. It was Ivona who scored first here, sensing one guy was close, she homed in on him and sucked and wanked him enthusiastically until he squirted his hot jiz all over her right boob. There was a lot there and she seemed well pleased with the result. While Ivona cleaned herself up in the ensuite bathroom, Dani was busy at the other end of the bed giving head. Ivona soon returned to the fray and it was she who saw some full action next. A well-hung Italian bloke rubbered up and fucked her in missionary as she wanked and sucked off another guy. After a satisfying shag he pulled out, whipped off the condom and wanked himself off to spurt hot cum juice all over Ivona’s smooth stomach. Lovely! As Ivona made her second trip to the bathroom Dani was enjoying sixty-nine with some lucky punter. Soon this guy was cumming, and so it was her turn to visit the bathroom for a freshen up.

Leaving Ivona to hold court upstairs, next Dani went off to the downstairs bedroom. Two guys followed her down there and she was soon enjoying the delights of taking cock in 2 holes at once. Meanwhile Ivona was still busy in the upstairs bedroom, dispensing hand jobs and oral, and was soon fucked again by one of the participants.

An hour had gone by, so the girls now took a break, enjoying a drink and a smoke in the large open-plan lounge. The guys sat around as well, having drinks, eating nibbles, chatting to the girls and watching the porn movie thoughtfully provided by the host.

The action eventually resumed with Ivona going upstairs and Dani downstairs. Most of the guys went upstairs, leaving Dani with just one punter to take advantage of her undivided attention. He enjoyed some oral, which he reciprocated, then he fucked her. Meanwhile Ivona was surrounded by men, one going down on her and others receiving hand jobs and oral. Some of the guys peeled off from Ivona and went downstairs just as the punter down there was finishing off his fuck. As he pulled out, they took up positions on either side of Dani, who was lying on her back, for some more oral and wanking pleasure.

The party continued with non-stop action in both bedrooms – blow jobs, pussy-licking, fucking, hand jobs, guys cumming – a real visual feast. Near the end of the party Dani returned to the upstairs bedroom where Ivona had just wanked off another guy producing a copious pearl necklace, some of which had landed in her eye! The girls lay together on the bed playing with their pussies, and a couple of blokes soon swooped down on them. Most of the partygoers had already cum twice by this point and there was definitely an air of flagging amongst the male attenders. As the Italian chap fucked Ivona for one last time, Dani seduced the cameraman, undoing his trousers and using her foot to tease his cock. I encouraged her to sort him out and she obliged by giving him a blow job. He carried on filming throughout! The party ended with me getting a hand job from Ivona on one side of the bed and the Italian guy getting wanked by Dani on the other. I quickly came over Ivona’s lovely tits and within seconds the Italian also came (for a third time!) over Dani. Superb ending to an action-packed party.

The fact that so many regulars attend Club Fantasy Parties is a testament to how comfortable everyone feels. The girls vary all the time. Steve2 is a punter himself so he knows what we like and he certainly provides it on a regular basis.

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Club Fantasy Party, London