Darci of Manchester

Date: Wednesday 6 July 2011
Time Spent: 1 Hour
Place: Incall.
Price: £150
Description: 22 year old tall, hot blonde with natural tits.

Darci showed Joel in and offered him a drink. The incall place for Kat Lee's new escort agency is easy to find and she even provides free secure parking. Darci is from "the Lakes" but now lives and works in Manchester. She is good friends with Kat Lee - they met on an escorting job and have known each for two years. Darci used to work for Manchester Incalls (where she was called Kaydon) and also Manchester Elite (as Darci).

After their chat Joel and Darci relocated to the bedroom. They sat on the edge of the bed and kissed. She rubbed his crotch area while his hands wanded to her breasts. "Mmmm nice little tities" said Joel. "Yea and what you guna do with them?" replied Darci. "Have a suck on them in a minute” said Joel. He moved on to touching up her pussy through her panties. Darci started undoing his shirt and kissing his chest. She undid his trousers and asked him to take them off. Joel stood up to get undressed, then lay back down on the bed. She started wanking his cock then popped it in her mouth for some OWO. "Ahhh that's good" sighed Joel. Darci spat on his cock in Pornstar style - she obviously watches Kat Lee at work!

"Perhaps I should taste you a little bit?" suggested Joel. "Yes I think you should" replied Darci. She made herself comfortable on the bed. Joel pulled her panties to one side and admired her snatch. He dived in with his tongue, licking her out. She moaned with pleasure. Joel asked if he could use fingers and she readily agreed. At the same time Darci started playing with her own tits. She was getting into this.

"Hmmm haven't seen those tities yet" said Joel. Darci removed her top and undid her bra. Joel immediately started sucking her nipples. She wanked his cock while he enjoyed her breasts. Darci then moved down and sucked him some more. "Good that is good" gasped Joel "You are guna make me cum...I'm guna have to fuck you." Darci carried on sucking hard. Joel again said he needed to fuck her and this time she got the message.

Darci sorted out a condom, removed her knickers and then jumped on top of him. She bounced up and down with enthusiasm. In fact she was so good Joel had to ask her to slow down. He was in danger of cumming too early. Darci slowed the pace for him and Joel took his mind off things by playing with her tits. "God that's a tight pussy" sighed Joel.

"Do you like doggy?" asked Joel. Darci did telling him "fuck me hard from behind." Joel got Darci on all fours near the end of the bed, before entering that tight hole once more. She started gasping “Oh yea” obviously enjoying being slammed hard. “That pussy looks good from the back” said Joel slowing it down for a minute to catch his breath. He asked her to lie down and they switched to mish. Her tits jiggled up and down in this position as Joel fucked her hard. Joel had one last burst of energy - really giving it to her - but then he was ready to shoot his wad. “Cum all over my face babe” said Darci. “Cover me in that hot cum” she continued. It’s obvious she works with her mate Kat on a regular basis!

Joel pulled out, whipped off the condom and re-positioned himself by Darci’s face. She started giving him some more of her delightful OWO and playing with her own clit. “That’s it play with yourself” encouraged Joel “make yourself cum.” There was not enough time for that though as Joel soon said “you ready?...Here we go.” He shot his cum over her chin, grabbing his own cock and wanking it to get the last drops out. He admired his handiwork liking the fact he had just cum over the face of a young, hot blonde. Excellent afternoon’s punt.

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Darci of Manchester