Dee of Taunton

Date: Tuesday 29 July 2014
Time Spent: 30 minutes
Place: Incall .
Price: £60
Description: Thai lady who speaks good English.

This was a bit of a strange punt. The escort was recommended by a member. Usually this means it will be a good or an exceptional punt. Unfortunately things did not work out that way this time but then perhaps the film crew were just having a bad day.

Dee's incall place is in an area where parking restrictions apply and there are many one way streets. There are two pay and display car parks close by. Unfortunately on the day our film crew turned up these were both full. Apparently this happens if a cricket match is on so best to check first before you travel.

The parking fiasco meant our film crew were running late. On arrival at Dee's place she wanted to renegotiate the agreed fee for filming and when this failed even asked about a "tip". Presumably if it was a normal punt with no filming this would not happen? Or does she always ask for tips?

John was offered a shower which he gladly accepted. He returned to the small "bedroom" area just in a towel. Dee removed this and he lay face down on the bed ready for a massage. Dee climbed on top and started working on his back, They chatted as she worked (Dee speaks English very well). Strangely it was just a regular massage, not a Thai one as you would expect.

Dee got John to turn over. She slapped his cock and balls which is a bit strange. "Gently" said John but she just carried on. It seemed to be her sense of humour, but not great for a punter when you are trying to get turned on. Dee removed her dress so she was just in her underwear. They kissed.

Dee removed her bra to reveal a nice pair of tits with prominent nipples. John immediately felt them up. "Very nice" he said. Dee kissed down John's body arriving at his cock. Before the blowjob started she applied a condom using her mouth. At first it looked like the oral would not last very long but John persuaded her to do a bit more. She soon suggested he do stuff though as she was "lazy".

John removed Dee's knickers and went down on her. He was enjoying this but Dee soon said "fuck me now." He already had a condom on so he entered her in mish and pumped away. When he tired they switched to sixty-nine before trying another position.

John suggested Dee jump on top. She did just that but was soon asking if he was ready to cum again. Bit disconcerting for a punter trying to enjoy himself. She did fuck for a little bit longer, but soon hopped off and asked him to go on top. "You lazy cow" said John jokingly as they switched to doggy. He enjoyed fucking her in this position and noted how tight she was.

"My turn to be lazy now” said John. He switched it to spoons. Unfortunately he went down at this point. He suggested Dee sit on top but she said "no you go on top." She slapped him a few times and then did hop on top. Grabbing his cock she wanked it, but no more oral was forthcoming. The handjob did not really help John and Dee decided to have a cigarette break.

After a quick break Dee decided to give John a Thai massage, This was very interesting but is not for the feint hearted! Watch the video to see why! The session then finished off with a happy ending over Dee's nice tits.

John and the film crew felt this was a very strange punt. They got the feeling when no more money was forthcoming Dee lost interest and just wanted it to be over as quick as possible. Perhaps they caught her on a bad day? John certainly did not have the chemistry with Dee to make it a good punt for him.

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