Delilah of Manchester

Date: Thursday 31 July 2014
Time Spent: 1 hour
Place: Incall .
Price: £130
Description: Petite, pierced, tattooed and curvy 20 year old.

Delilah greeted Joel at the door wearing nude stockings and a negligee which left little to the imagination. She showed Joel through to the open plan kitchen / lounge and offered him a drink and a shower. He accepted both and she sorted out a coke. As she put the bottle back in the fridge Joel could not help but stand behind her and admire the view. She has a great bottom and it was on perfect view in the see through negligee!

They kissed Joel enjoying her lip piercing for the first time. “Before we get a bit too carried away shall we get the business out of the way” said Delilah. Joel sorted out the money. Delilah snogged him again and offered him a shower. It was a hot day and he gladly accepted.

When Joel emerged from the shower Delilah was waiting for him on the bed. “Shall I come and join you?” asked Joel removing his towel so he was naked. But before he could get on the bed Delilah got on all fours and started playing with his cock. “Just to warn you I love sucking cock” said Delilah. She got to work sucking hard and deep. Joel was very impressed! He could not believe how deep she could take it. Apparently she is an expert at deep throat.

Without even being asked Delilah also paid good attention to Joel’s balls. This is a girl who aims to please and knows what men like. Joel was in heaven. He decided to enjoy the experience lying down on the bed. Delilah continued the OWO, gagging on his cock at times. She stopped at one point to remove her top and G-string. Joel admired her big tits and pierced pussy. Delilah carried on sucking cock – it does seem to be her favourite pastime.

“Do you play with girls as well?” asked Joel. She confirmed this was the case. “Bet you’re a good pussy licker?” continued Joel. “Apparently just as good as I suck cock” replied Delilah. Joel paid some attention to her breasts now and had a little tit wank. “How’s your pussy feeling?” asked Joel. “A little bit wet” replied Delilah.

“Do you like being licked?” asked Joel. She certainly does. “Do you want me to sit on your face?” asked Delilah. They moved into sixty-nine. Joel is rather good at licking girls out and soon had Delilah screaming with pleasure. She was having trouble concentrating on the blow job now. When Joel asked for more ball licking she hopped off, but he carried on playing with her pussy and her moans continued.

“Do you like being rimmed at all?” asked Delilah. Wow rarely does an escort ask this question usually the punter has to request it. This girl is amazing! She quickly got to work licking his arse out. “I like being naughty” she said. Joel requested more ball licking and she was happy to oblige. “How do those piercings feel?” asked Delilah. “Good” replied Joel “funny sensation on the balls.”

Joel wanted to fuck her now so Delilah sorted out a condom. “How do you want me?” she asked. Joel decided she should go on top. Immediately he had to get her to slow down. He was close to cumming from all the oral. On several occasions she tried to speed things up but he couldn’t handle it in this position. Ever eager to please this was not a problem for her.

“What’s your favourite position?” asked Joel. “Doggy” she replied. Joel was not finished with her on top yet though so they carried on fucking this way for a while longer. Joel took the opportunity to play with her tits some more and do some kissing. “So you ready for doggy?” asked Delilah. He was now and they switched. When she stuck her bum in the air Joel took a minute to admire her creamy and wet pussy. He pushed his cock home taking her deep. She groaned with pleasure. Delilah reached around and felt his balls much to Joel’s delight. He could now speed up in this position pumping her hard, although he was still close to cumming.

Joel suggested they change position to mish. He grabbed her tits as he fucked her. Joel touched her piercings. She asked if he liked them. He did and told her to play with herself as he fucked her. She moaned with pleasure. This girl is really into her sex. “You are soaking now” noted Joel, glad he had made her pussy so wet.

Suddenly Joel announced it was cum time. He needed to unleash his load. “Where do you allow guys to cum?” he asked. “I love it on my face” replied Delilah. This is what a guy wants to hear! She went on to say how she loved tasting the spunk. Is there no limit to what this girl does not like?

Joel pulled out and ripped off the condom. He knelt up near her face and she quickly wanked him. Joel quickly came splattering her chin, lips and cheek with his white warm spunk. Delilah took ever drop. “That’s your favourite thing isn’t it?” asked Joel. She agreed it was. Delilah cleaned herself with a towel while he relaxed on the bed. She joined him for a kiss and a cuddle as this is how she likes to end her session.

Joel noted it was an exceptionally good punt - one of his best in fact. Highly recommended.

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