Devilish Desire of Middlesbrough

Date: Wednesday 27 November 2013
Time Spent: 1 hour
Place: Incall
Price: £120
Description: 23yo curvy brunette with 34E natural tits.

"Did you manage to find the apartment okay?" asked Devilish Desire (aka Lucy) as she and John sat on her double bed. “Yes very's nice and easy to find...and the parking's good." He sorted out the paperwork and they chatted for a short while about the weather and Middlesbrough.

Service started with some kissing. "Lovely kisser" noted John as Lucy started rubbing his crotch. They started undressing, although John had more clothes to remove than Lucy. Her breasts had been out from the moment he had arrived as she was not wearing a full corset. When she removed her black silk dressing gown they were prominently displayed. They are all natural, size 34E!

John felt Lucy's tits as they carried on snogging. Lucy suggested John lose his trousers so he was just in his boxers. He made himself comfortable on the bed. "Your cock feels like it’s getting nice and hard for me" noted Lucy as she felt it up through his boxers. Lucy asked him if he wanted the blowjob with or without condom. He chose the latter.

Lucy started off by licking his balls. "Are those balls nice and full for me?" she asked. "No promises but I wouldn't be surprised" replied John. She turned her attention to his cock, sucking it hard and fast interspersed with some nice tongue licking. It was a good blowjob. "Do you like my mouth round your cock?" asked Lucy. "Very much" replied John. She carried on sucking him off.

John decided to return the favour. Lucy asked him if he wanted her to take the G-string off or just pull it to the side. He opted for the latter as he got to work with his tongue. "That feels good" murmured Lucy. He carried on dinning at the Y. She played with his cock as he worked. John suggested Lucy sit on his face. She was happy to oblige and they moved into sixty-nine.

It was not long before John was ready for some fucking. Lucy sorted out a condom. As John was already sprawled out on the bed Lucy started off on top. At first things seemed to go well. "Feel's great" said John. However, Lucy soon had to stop a couple of times to put his cock back inside. She persevered and it seemed to be going well again. John suggested they switch to doggy and this is when things fell apart. He could not get keep his cock hard enough. He got it in at one point, pumped away, but then it went down again.

Lucy, bless her, did everything to help John, She removed the condom and gave him some more oral, getting another rubber at the ready as he requested. When he asked she gladly kissed him some more. For a moment it looked like her hard work had paid off. A condom was re-applied and they resumed the doggy attempt. "Pussys nice and wet for your cock" said Lucy as they got into position. Unfortunately John just could not manage it.

John decided a nice tit wank would cheer him up. His cock disappeared between her massive natural tits, but it sure felt good. "I wanna see all that spunk" said Lucy as she switched to a handjob. "Cum for me" she purred. That worked for John and he shot his spunk over her cheek and into her open mouth. She lapped it all up. He thanked her for a good time.

Lucy did everything she could, without fuss to help John on this punt. It was only his failings that prevented it from being a good one. As we all know these things can happen when punting and all you can do is hope for a better performance on your next punt. The important thing is to get back in the saddle asap before it becomes an issue.

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