Polish Escort Dori of London

Date: Saturday 9 September 2006
Time Spent: 1 hour.
Place: Incall at her place.
Price: £150
Description: Long blonde hair, beautiful green eyes, tanned body, good natural rack. Polish Escort but speaks English well.

Porn Babes escort agency provides a variety of “Hot East European Babes”& "Polish Escorts" and they have an incall premises where you can visit the girls. Dori can also sometimes be found at Club Fantasy Parties. John, the lucky punter today, narrowly missed out on meeting Dori at one of these, so he decided to try his luck at a one-on-one meeting. The address was easy to find, but parking is restricted with only a few “visitor” spots available, so you may have to hunt around for a space.

Polish Escort Dori greeted John at the door looking fantastic in a little black dress with her red bra bursting to escape its confines and red fishnet stockings. As John followed her up the stairs to the room he couldn’t help notice how great her bottom looked. Once in the room the money was sorted out, then Dori left to get John a drink. When she returned they sat on the bed and discussed her services and what they would do for the hour. John was disappointed to discover she did not allow kissing – often the case with these Polish escorts. Dori helped John get undressed and he lay face down on the bed for his massage, during which they chatted.

When Dori turned John over she took off her little black dress to reveal sexy red and black underwear, which showed up well against her brown sun-tanned skin. Now the action started as she began kissing his nipples. With soft kisses she gently worked down to his cock, which she then popped into her mouth. A good session of OWO took place during which John asked if Dori could give him a tit wank. She readily agreed and took off her bra to reveal a fine rack with large areolas. John noted they looked natural and she replied “yea, no silicon”. She poured some oil on her tits, lent over and John wrapped them round his throbbing knob. Dori gently rocked up and down, using her tongue at the same time to lick the end of his cock as her nice breasts rubbed up and down his shaft.

John suggested Dori make herself more comfortable on the bed, so he could play with her body some more. He started out by kissing and sucking her boobs, but he soon moved on to her lower regions. Dori helped him out by quickly removing her knickers to reveal a shaved pussy. She spread her legs wide and John dived in with his tongue. He then used his finger on her clit, which she seemed to enjoy, but did not insert them as Dori does not allow this. “You know I have something” said Dori “I show you yes”. This turned out to be a small vibrating toy and Dori asked John if he wanted to watch her orgasm as she used it. He agreed and she got to work on her clit telling John “sometimes I have orgasm on outside like man.” Unfortunately this was not one of those times, but she did seem to cum.

“Are you ready to be fucked now?” asked John after the toy show had finished. “Yes” of course said Dori. John needed “warming up” first so she gave him some more OWO. Dori bagged his throbbing member, applied some lube to her, then jumped on top of John and rode him. She squat fucked him, starting off slowly, but soon increasing the tempo. As she bounced up and down John took the opportunity to feel her tits some more. Dori asked if they could change position and suggested doggy. John had a little difficulty inserting his cock back into her and so Dori took over, grabbing it and pushing it into her tight hole. “I like this position” she told John as he started to pump away. By now she certainly was more vocal!

This time it was John who suggested changing position. Dori lay down on the bed with her legs in the air and John got in-between them and entered her once more. He was starting to tire now and it wasn’t long before he declared “Do you want to finish me off”. He pulled out and removed the condom. Dori re-positioned herself underneath him, then started wanking and sucking his cock. Soon his white love juice was squirting out all over her lovely pair of tanned knockers. This hot polish escort rubbed it all in saying how nice it was!

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