Irish Escort Easkey of Winchester

Author of this Report: Graham
Date: Saturday 5 May 2007
Time Spent: 1 hour.
Place: Outcall to hotel.
Price: £110
Description: Fresh, natural-looking Irish Teenage student. Long flowing auburn hair, green eyes, slim figure.

I decided to spend a weekend in my nearby historic town of Winchester, Hampshire. Thought I’d treat myself to a local escort whilst there. Easkey (pronounced A Sky) is a delightful 19 year old local university student, with a fresh natural look and long straight hair. She arrived casually dressed but after the money was sorted changed into a short shiny mauve nightie. We had a brief chat which established that she was up for most things, but not anal, and that she used to be a lap dancer. I asked her to start things off by performing a lap dance for me and said that I love to be teased.

Easkey asked me to go and sit on the bed and started to dance around. Almost immediately I could feel some movement in my trousers and once she started to bend over and rub her arse against my crotch I soon got hard and excited. I just could not keep my hands off and had to grab hold of both cheeks of her lovely firm arse. She took hold of one of my hands and moved it up under her dress until I was touching her small but soft left breast. She asked me how much I wanted her to remove the nightie. “Desperately” I replied. “How desperately?” She asked. “Very” I said and with that she slowly lifted her nightie up and over her head to reveal her lovely teenage body. Easkey has nice milk white skin, with quite shapely tummy and natural small tits and nipples. I just had to start sucking them whilst stroking her lovely back and arse. Then we kissed on the lips quite passionately.

By now I was eager for some OWO. Easkey sat on the bed whilst I stood up in front of her. Slowly she started to undo my trousers and carefully pulled down my bulging pants. After caressing and licking my cock she started sucking me, not going too deep and concentrating on giving the head plenty of tongue action. Easkey has a good teasing technique. Soon I was ready to join her on the bed and after removing all my clothes, we started with a reversed 69 with her slowly sucking my cock again but mostly licking and sucking my balls putting them deep inside her mouth at times! In fact Easkey spent so long on my balls I had to suggest she suck my cock some more before we get on to the main course. She happily did this, then jumped off the bed to fetch a condom.

I asked Easkey what her favourite position is. “I’ll show you,” she said, lying on her back and pulling me on top of her. Her pussy felt nice and wet making some vigorous thrusting very easy. We continued in mish but with her legs pulled further back for some slower more teasing thrusting. Easkey then asked me for my favourite position, so we switched to doggy. This was really great, being able to fondle her arse and tummy and grip her shoulders tightly for some deep thrusting which she really seemed to like. I teased her with a mix of slow and fast thrusts, which produced a lot of noise from her!

Next I suggested Easkey take control and she ride me. I lay down on the bed and she sat on top facing me, easing herself up and down my cock. I had a great view of her slim body and she was giving me some lovely eye contact. I just had to kiss her again and pulled her head towards me for some more snogging. Feeling energetic again I started thrusting into her, going faster as she got closer to me, which we both really enjoyed. Realising I would soon be shooting my load I asked Easkey if I could cum on her face. She readily agreed.

Easkey lay on her back, with a pillow supporting her head, as I knelt over her with my knees either side of her tits. She proceeded to give me a hand job, alternating between each hand – all the time maintaining eye contact, which got me more and more excited. After a couple of minutes I still wasn’t quite ready to cum and sensing her hands were starting to tire, I took over hand job duties. It was not long before I was telling her I was about to cum. Then whoosh - out it came landing on her neck and some on her hair by her left ear just for good measure. Then just when I thought the session couldn’t get any better – it did! Easkey lifted her head up and proceeded to suck every last drop out of my cock for a good minute or two. Wow what a really intimate and exciting thing for a girl to do to a guy.

Being with Irish Escort Easkey was just like having a 19 year old girl friend again. Truly, she made an older guy like me feel young again. Thank you Easkey! A really great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

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