Eliza Yates of Manchester

Eliza Yates
Date:Tuesday 27 March 2012
Time Spent: 1 hour
Place: Outcall .
Price: £170
Description: Curvy, classy & naughty 24 year old with 36EE natural boobs.

Dan invited Eliza in and as he sorted out the drinks asked her “are you from Manchester then?” Eliza replied “Originally I’m a Yorkshire girl so I’m betraying the Rose a little bit…but…been here four years now.” Eliza went on to explain she also lived in Greece for a few years. On returning she did lap dancing which naturally led into escorting. Dan soon turned the conversation to her boobs. They are 36EE and all natural. “I look forward to seeing those” said Dan.

Eliza stroked Dan’s hand and kissed him. He stroked her leg before suggesting she remove her dress. She stood up to do this revealing black and red underwear. “Do you like having your pussy licked?” asked Dan. “I do but I will say one thing…I get very wet…you need a scuba diving outfit on to go down there.” Dan started feeling her up through her knickers. “Wow you are not wrong” he exclaimed as she quickly got wet. Eliza made herself comfortable on the sofa and Dan went down on her. “You’ve done that before” said Eliza.

Eliza suggested she return the favour and Dan readily agreed. As he got undressed Dan asked Eliza to say something dirty in Greek. She happily obliged. Dan made himself comfortable in a chair by the window. Eliza knelt down in front of him. Looking at his cock she said “I bet that would fit nicely in-between my boobs as well.” Dan agreed as she started giving him a nice blow job. She gently teased the end of his knob with her tongue before sucking hard and deep. “That feels really good” sighed Dan.

Dan decided it was time to remove her bra. He quickly unclipped it. “You’re a natural at that” complimented Eliza. “Oh my God” exclaimed Dan as he set eyes on her tits for the first time. “I told you they were real” said Eliza. “I can see why they would stop traffic” replied Dan admiring her large areola and nice nipples. Eliza put his cock between them and gave him a nice tit wank. “How does that feel?” she asked. “Feels good and looks good” replied Dan. She upped the pace of the tit wank much to his delight. They kissed some more and she gave him another blow job. This time she asked him to hold her hair as she did it – something she likes clients to do.

Dan did not want to stop the OWO, but he also wanted to see what it would feel like inside her. He helped Eliza off with her knickers and she fetched her bag to sort out a condom. Eliza put the bag down on the table and removed wet wipes, condoms and lube. She also produced a toy and Dan said he wanted to see her play with that for a bit first. They swapped places and she made herself comfortable on the chair.

Eliza suggested he help her with the toy show. He started off by holding her pussy wide as she plunged the toy in and out. Deciding he wanted to join in he went up the other end for some more OWO. She obliged playing with the toy at the same time. Dan lent over her and took over playing with the toy. He could see and hear how wet she was. He suggested it was time to stick his cock in there.

Eliza sorted out a condom and asked Dan where he wanted her. He told her to sit in the chair. He entered her for the first time and was soon banging her hard while feeling her tits. Looking across the room Dan decided to fuck over the glass table next. They walked over there and he got her to bend over it, looking out of the window over Manchester. Entering her once again he pounded away. She made all the right noises as he fucked her. Eliza’s tits were pressed hard against the glass. “Do you like being spanked?” asked Dan. She did so he slapped her arse cheeks as he fucked her.

The sun was setting at this point so Dan suggested they take a break while he shut the curtains and put the lights on. However he was not finished with the fun places to fuck. As they kissed again on the sofa and she wanked him hard Dan announced he wanted to fuck her on the small balcony. Eliza agreed telling him to lead the way. Dan already had a chair out on the balcony from when he had been smoking earlier in the day. He sat on it and she climbed on top facing away from him at first. Her tits bounced up and down nicely as they fucked with the sky turning dark behind them.

“Do you want me over the balcony?” asked Eliza. “Turn around first” said Dan. He wanted to play with her tits as he fucked her. He also slapped her arse again in this position. He soon suggested moving to the balcony though. She bent over and hung onto the railing as they fucked standing up. Dan had the best view though, looking down at her arse and out over the Manchester skyline. “Do you liked being fucked with a view?” asked Dan. “It’s different” replied Eliza.

Dan was soon ready to cum all over her face and suggested they go back inside to finish off. Eliza made herself comfortable on the sofa and Dan stood over her wanking his own cock. She suggested playing with his balls and he readily agreed. That did the trick and he squirted his load into her mouth and over her chin. He helped her clean up, grabbing a wet wipe. “I still have your spunk in my mouth…shall I dribble it out?” asked Eliza. He agreed and she pushed it out over her tits and down her body. They carried on chatting as the clean-up continued.

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Eliza Yates of Manchester