Elouise of Hove

Date: Wednesday 1 November 2017
Time Spent: 1 hour
Place: Incall .
Price: £150
Description: Sexy young English girl with 34C natural tits, ultimate GFE

Joe had had his eye on the very sexy Elouise of Hove for quite a while but as she is literally at the ends of the earth, being on the south coast of England, Joe had been trying to combine a visit to Elouise with something else. In the end, a favourable weather forecast and the thought of a nice day out by the seaside combined with some great sex with a very sexy young girl convinced Joe that now was the right time to visit Elouise.

Elouise’s incall place in Hove is in a very nice apartment in a very nice modern apartment block just a few minutes walk from the sea front. Although on street, parking is free either on the wide and well lit road that Elouise’s apartment block is on or in a quiet cul-de-sac opposite.

After being let in through the apartment block’s front door, Joe was very pleasantly surprised to be greeted by Elouise at the door of her apartment wearing a very sexy black and gold bra and pants combo. No manky dressing gowns with this girl.

Quickly getting the money side of things out of the way in the entrance hall of the apartment, Joe visited the bathroom to freshen up. Paying quickly and freshening up without being asked always goes down well with girls and ensures that things get off to the best possible start.

Now comfortable on the sofa in the living room, Joe set about finding out more about Elouise. As well as offering the ultimate girl friend experience, Elouise is more than happy to accommodate a variety of fetishes and interests including dominating submissives. Regarding her dos and don’ts, Elouise’s main don’ts are no bare back, no anal, no cum in mouth and no cum on face but with French kissing and oral without on the cards, Joe was more than happy.

With the time for talking obviously over, Elouise started things off by moving forwards and kissing Joe. Starting to remove her bra herself, Joe decided he’d impress Elouise with his single handed bra undoing skills. After a bit of determined fumbling, Joe got there in the end. Now out in the open, Joe snuggled into Elouise’s lovely 34 C bosom and enjoyed himself kissing, licking and sucking her tits for all he was worth.

With Joe having rid himself of clothes, Elouise moved in closer. First of all, for some more kissing, then more boob action and finally, some very expert cunnilingus from Joe. Nom, nom, nom.

Feeling that Elouise might enjoy his oral skills better if she was more comfortable, Joe got her to lie on her back ready for him to have a good old munch on her lovely minge.

Having had his fill of foo foo, Joe switched places with Elouise and let her show off her inimitable oral skills on his cock. If sucking cock were an Olympic sport, Elouise would win gold every time, she’s that good.

Now good and hard, the time for fucking had arrived. “I think it’s about time I fucked you,” said Joe, the smooth talking devil that he is. Swapping places once more, with Elouise on her back again, Joe proceeded to fuck her scissors style, a great position from which to admire and play with her natural 34 C tits while at the same time watching his cock pumping in and out of her lovely pussy.

Fancying a bit of a rest and a change of scenery, Joe decided that a bit of reverse cowgirl was called for. With Joe sitting on the sofa, Elouise mounted his cock and rode it for all she was worth. Joe knew that this was going to be a great position from which to enjoy the sight of Elouise’s very sexy little arse and pussy sliding up and down his throbbing cock. He wasn’t wrong.

Wanting to fuck Elouise’s pussy properly one more time, and to give her legs a bit of a rest, reverse cowgirl certainly gives a girl’s thighs a good workout, Joe got her onto all fours ready for fucking doggy style. After some fine fucking and kissing with her on all fours, Joe brought Elouise up onto her knees for some very intimate and passionate kissing and cuddling.

After a final session of fucking Elouise hard on all fours, Joe was ready to cum. “You going to give me your cum?” asked Elouise. “Oh yes,” said Joe. “All over my tits?” “Oh yes,” said Joe again. Quickly getting Elouise off the bed and onto her knees, Joe stood in front of her and handed over control of his cock. While wanking Joe, Elouise was helping things along with some very nice or should that be some very nasty spitting. Although very nearly there, Joe needed to get into a more relaxed position to finish. With Joe now more comfortable lying on the sofa, Elouise continued wanking and spitting on his lucky cock. In what seemed like no time at all, Elouise had Joe shooting his thick and very sticky spunk all over her lovely 34 C titties. Happy days.

For lovers of sexy young girls, who are also friendly and fun to be with and know what they’re doing, a visit to or from Elouise of Hove is a definite must.

A great punt with a great girl and all by the seaside.

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