Ely Pink of Newcastle

Date: Wednesday 14 November 2012
Time Spent: 1 hour
Place: Incall to her hotel room.
Price: £200
Description: Sexy Italian Porn Star with 32G tits.

Joel managed to catch Ely as she was on tour in Birmingham – a city she visits quite often. She also tours in other places such as London, so it’s always worth contacting her to see where she will be next. Ely greeted Joel in a dressing gown with trainers on. She showed him in and offered him a seat. Ely removed her dressing gown to reveal a black bra and G-string. Joel viewed the goods appreciatively. "So have you got my present?" asked Ely. Joel grabbed the cash from his pocket and handed it over. Ely suggested he take a shower and Joel headed off to the bathroom.

Ely was on the bed waiting for Joel when he came out of the bathroom. He de-robbed and joined her on the bed. Ely removed her bra revealing a nice pair of tits. Joel admired them before lying face down for a massage. Joel chatted as Ely worked. "Where are you from?" he asked. "Originally from Italy but I've been in England for ten years...been living up North East...Newcastle," replied Ely. "You liking it over here?" asked Joel. "I like the men with the money but I don't like the weather" replied Ely. She continued the massage.

Ely removed her G-string and told Joel to turn over so she could massage his front. He admired her pussy lips and commented on her intimate piercing. Ely jumped on top of Joel, facing away so he got a great view of her bum and fanny. She rubbed his legs, then arrived at his cock and gave him a handjob. Grabbing a condom she had place on the bed earlier, Ely unwrapped it and put it in her mouth. Hopping off Joel she applied it to his cock and started giving him oral. "Very nice indeed" said Joel, enjoying the experience even though it was covered oral.

"How would you like to fuck me baby?" asked Ely. Joel decided she should go on top. Ely hopped on board and shoved his hard cock up her pussy. "God that's tight" exclaimed Joel as it went in. Ely bounced up and down with enthusiasm. "God that feels good" said Joel as he sucked on her tits. "Seriously tight little body...it's fucking marvellous" he continued.

Joel suggested she turn around on top of him. When Ely jumped off she sucked her own juices off his cock in true porn star style. Once again Ely bounced up and down with enthusiasm. She played with her own tits while doing so. Suddenly she burst out laughing. "I don't do anal" she said. Joel had touched her bum hole with his finger. "Now we know" he said.

They decided to switch position to doggy. Joel went in hard and fast at first, but he soon had to slow it down. He took the opportunity to feel her tits and at one point she played with her own clit. Suddenly Joel pulled out. Ely flipped over and they continued fucking in mish. She really seemed to get into this position frigging herself as Joel pumped away. When Joel tired he slid on to the bed beside Ely and fucked her in that position.

Ely asked Joel where he was going to cum, suggesting he do so over her tits. Joel agreed but said he needed to fuck her some more in doggy first. Ely assumed the position and he entered her once again. He banged her hard, so he would be ready to squirt quicker. When he slowed down he told Ely to feel his balls and she was happy to oblige. "Those red fingernails round my balls look good" said Joel.

"Your hour's nearly up baby so you better spunk over my fucking tits" said Ely. "I'm getting there" replied Joel. He banged her hard again only this time his cock fell out and hit her. Joel stopped in pain. "Where did I hit you?" he asked. "That was my cunt” replied Ely. "Bent my cock right back," explained Joel. Luckily after a few minutes he was able to carry on. Ely encouraged him saying she wanted to see his spunk. He told he was close, but he didn’t want to stop fucking her. "I will have to charge you an extra hour baby...". This spurred Joel on. He pumped her for a bit more but then pulled out removed the condom and knelt over her tits.

Ely grabbed Joel’s cock and started wanking it. As he looked down he could not help but comment on her tits. "How big are your titties by the way?" he asked. "I dunno baby I've lost weight...but they used to be a 32G". He told her to make his cock wet with some spit and wank him harder. That did it and he quickly came spreading his white spunk over her right tit. Joel admired his handiwork and thanked her. She offered him a shower but warned him she had another client coming soon.

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