Flame Middlesbrough Escort

Date: Wednesday 30 June 2004
Time Spent: 2 hours
Place: Outcall to my hotel.
Price: £170
Description: 5'6" blue-eyed lady with a fit tanned body, shoulder-length bright red hair and multiple piercings.

Flame covers the whole of the North East and agreed to visit me in York. I was pleasantly surprised to find she also allows anal at no extra cost, so she represents very good value for money.

Flame arrived on time dressed in a tight-fitting satin suit. We chatted with a drink and it was not long before she was peeling off her tight clothes before my eyes to reveal her tanned body in sexy white lacy underwear and matching holdups. She sat astride me and we started to kiss. This allowed me to play with her tits, while Flame removed my shirt. I soon had her bra off and was surprised to find her piercings meant she wore very large jewellery around her nipples. I kissed, sucked and played with them for a while, then she returned the favour kissing and licking my nipples and down my body. When she reached my waist she removed my trousers, and then continued rubbing over me body-to-body.

I asked Flame if she had brought along the toys that I'd requested. From out of her bag came a Rampant Rabbit, a flexible double-ended dildo, and some lube. Flame sat back on the bed and I pulled off her thong. She has a completely shaved smooth pussy and a pierced clit, which she said she enjoyed greatly. Using the Rabbit first, Flame stimulated her clit while I played with her boobs. Soon she was pushing the knob end up her fanny and visibly getting off on it. After a while I asked her to flip over so her arse was in the air. Flame played with the toy a little more then gave me the opportunity to stick one finger and then two up her pussy. Next Flame asked if I wanted to use the double-ended dildo. So I slid this up inside her pussy and asked her if that felt OK. She told me it would feel even better if I bent it over and pushed the other end up her arse. I like these straight-talking Northern lasses! I duly obliged after first squeezing some lube onto her arsehole. She seemed to take DP quite easily. I was struggling to keep the springy dildo in both holes, so in the end I just concentrated on gently frigging her arse with it. This also allowed me to slip a finger up her pussy at the same time. I liked the way everything felt so much tighter when both holes were filled. I told Flame I wanted to be in those holes, so we moved around ready to continue.

I lay on the bed and Flame proceeded to kiss me again and touch me up. She removed my pants and licked up and down my balls and shaft using her pierced tongue to good effect. She has a great technique alternating between strong sucking of the cock and gentle licking of the shaft and head. I knew she was in danger of making me cum so I suggested we bagged him and moved on.

We started screwing in mish, and I soon realised Flame could take a long hard fast fucking. After pumping away for a while Flame started frigging her own clit. I carried on fucking her but I hadn't thought she was getting so close to the edge. I suggested we change position but she said no, pass the Rabbit, quick! She continued to stimulate her clit with this and told me to keep pumping. As I gained momentum, she wanted it harder and faster and I was struggling to keep up. But she was having a right good time and sure enough she soon had a great big orgasm, noisy and long. She kept urging me to keep going but I eventually had to stop before I gave myself a heart attack!

After a bit of a rest we decided to try some doggy next, so Flame knelt on all fours for me. We started off more sedately here, but soon I was banging her hard again. This lady sure enjoys shagging! It was whilst in this position I decided it would be fun to play with Flame's bottom again. So I lubed up a finger and slid it in. This tightened up her pussy round my prick for an added sensation. Then it was back to some more vigorous fucking in doggy. I asked if I could put my cock in her welcoming butthole. She readily agreed. Our first few goes at anal sex did not succeed. But then on the last attempt I managed to successfully shove my cock in and proceeded to fuck for a few minutes. Boy did it feel tight. I asked Flame to stick a finger up her pussy at the same time and that felt cool.

To finish off the session I changed condom, and fucked Flame from behind some more until I was ready to cum. Then I pulled out of her pussy, whipped off the rubber and came over her bum.

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Flame Middlesbrough Escort