SW18 Glory Hole

Date: Friday 11 October 2013
Time Spent: 15 minutes
Place: Incall
Price: £35
Description: Girl behind a boarded up door, with 2 holes in it.

A new phenomenon in punting has developed in the last few years – the Glory Hole. Traditionally associated with gay cruising, it has crossed over to hetro punting probably due to the swinging / fetish scene where they are often found in one of the rooms. For the punter there are many advantages to the Glory Hole: it’s quick, it’s cheap, it’s very anonymous (you and the escort do not see each other), and the pressure to perform is off. Of course some people are wary of a Glory Hole, thinking it may be a guy behind the wall. For those who have not tried this form of punting it’s easy to tell! The girl will still talk and she often does, for example, asking you to let her know when you are about to cum.

The first established Glory Hole in the punting scene seems to have been Sheridan’s Massage Parlour in Manchester. See info and photos here: Sheridan’s Glory Hole. Since that started operating a number of Glory Holes have popped up on adultwork run in private homes. One such place is the SW18 Glory Hole. They have a variety of girls who work for them, so if you want a certain lady to be performing it’s wise to check their profile where they also provide detailed information on how to make an appointment. Note: you must book a 15 min slot with them, you cannot just turn up (unlike Sheridan’s where you can).

On the day we filmed at the SW18 Glory Hole Kendall Bentley was working. She did a fine job as you will see from the video. At SW18 Glory Hole you can get to feel the girl a little as they have two holes in their wall (this is because they sometimes offer a two girl Glory Hole service). The punter we filmed asked to feel Kendall’s tits and she happily obliged. This does not happen in other places like Sheridan’s which only has one hole in the wall. Rather than describe the rest of this punt it is better to just watch the video. The ending is over Kendall’s tits as she does not offer cum in mouth. Other girls do, so best to check the rota if this is an important ending for you.

To conclude it was an interesting punt in a safe, secure location. If you have not tried it yet a Glory Hole punt is definitely worth a go. The punter felt it was a different sensation as you cannot so easily see what is being done to your cock – is it her hand? Is it her mouth? Has she got it between her tits? This can be very erotic and a highly charged sexually situation. Recommended.

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