Gina Lynn of Newport

Gina Lynn
Date: Thursday 2 April 2015
Time Spent: 1 hour
Place: Outcall .
Price: £150
Description: 26yo porn girl who looks like Amy Winehouse.

Colin was in Birmingham for the night and booked up-coming porn star Gina Lynn. She is from Newport but was in Birmingham doing some porn work. Originally Gina is from Wiltshire and has also spent time in Spain. They discussed her services and Gina mentioned she sometimes does anal. “Would that be possible today?” Colin asked. “Maybe” Gina replied. Colin was keen to get his hands on Gina and suggested they move through to the bedroom.

They started off kissing on the bed. “I want to lick pussy” declared Colin. Gina stood up and removed her blue jeans. She was wearing black stockings underneath. Colin removed his clothes as well. Gina made herself comfortable on the bed and Colin helped removed her panties. “Nice bald pussy” noted Colin. “Bet it taste’s sweet” he continued. “Why don’t you check it out” suggested Gina. He did just that getting to work with his tongue.

“Why don’t you put a couple of fingers in there” said Gina. Colin started out with one digit - taking it slowly at first. “Tight pussy” he noted. It was not long before he had two fingers deep inside her and was finger fucking her hard. Colin tasted her pussy juices. “Sweet” he said, going on to ask if he could lick her bum hole. Gina agreed so he worked on that next before returning to the finger fucking.

“Let me see your oral skills now” said Colin. They switched places and Gina got to work on his cock. With her pierced tongue and awesome sucking she soon had him rock hard. “You actually remind me of somebody in the pop world” said Colin. “Whose that?” asked Gina. “Amy Winehouse” replied Colin. It turns out Gina is a fan! She returned to the OWO and even licked his balls as well. Colin was soon ready for a condom.

They started off fucking in doggy. “Oh baby” gasped Gina as Colin banged her hard from behind. “Whose that lady on your back?” he asked. “Elizabeth Taylor” replied Gina. After banging her for a while Colin suggested they change position. During the change- over Gina suggested waking up his cock with some more oral. Colin agreed and she got to work.

Once Colin’s cock was revived they fucked again in mish. Gina had kept her bra on up to this point, so Colin asked her to remove it. She was happy to oblige and told him she would be having them enlarged soon. Colin enjoyed watching her tits bounce as he fucked her some more. He asked if he could try her back door. Gina agreed and they returned to the doggy position.

Colin’s cock slipped up her arse easily and he banged away hard. He was getting off on seeing his cock inside her bum. When he slipped out they tried another positon for the anal sex, Gina deciding to ride it. “Smash that cock” said Colin as she put it up her arse again. Gina tried her best but Colin’s cock was starting to flop now and they could only manage another minute of fucking.

Gina consoled Colin by snogging him some more. Time was nearly up now so they agreed he would cum over her face and in her mouth. Gina was up for this and assumed the position on the bed. She started wanking his cock, but Colin wanted to take over. He soon ejaculated into her mouth and all over a chin making a lovely creamy mess of her pretty face. Good ending to a nice punt. Highly recommended.

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