Gypsy Williams of Bristol

Date: Saturday 5 April 2014
Time Spent: 1 hour
Place: Incall
Price: £125
Description: 34yo, long black hair, exotic looks, anal expert.

“How long have you been doing this?” asked Joe as he sat on the sofa drinking a cuppa with Gypsy at her incall place. “About six months” she replied. She is known for gangbangs so Joe moved on to discussing those. He checked they are “every hole” gangbangs. Indeed they are! Joe reminded Gypsy he had specifically booked her for anal sex and she was happy with this. As the conversation continued he found out her mum was a gypsy – hence her name and exotic looks.

Joe decided to get Gypsy on the bed. He was keen to get her tits out as he had seen her dark nipples when checking out her pictures. Gypsy was just wearing bra and knickers, so it was easy access to her tits. Once out Joe checked how she liked them played with before licking and sucking her nipples.

Joe got undressed. He checked she did deep throat as it stated on her profile. Gypsy confirmed this was the case. Joe quickly got his cock out and she started giving him OWO. It was not deep enough for Joe. He really wanted to face fuck her. He re-positioned her on the bed so she was flat on her back with her head over the edge. He was still standing up at the end of the bed. Inserting his manhood he pushed it all the way in. “That’s good” he groaned as she took the whole of his cock deep inside her mouth.

Joe decided to change the position, getting Gypsy on her knees on the bed. He stood on the bed and rammed his cock hard inside her mouth again. As she worked away he removed her bra. Joe got Gypsy to take his cock as deep as possible. He moaned with pleasure from her attentions.

Getting Gypsy on all fours on the bed, Joe removed her knickers and examined her pussy. “You’ve got pink, dark lips haven’t you?” he noted. He fingered her there before quickly moving on to her back passage. “That’s a tight arse” he said. Joe was getting very excited now and asked for a condom. Gypsy sorted one out and he quickly bagged his cock.

They started out fucking in mish – Joe enjoying her pussy at first. He pumped away hard, occasionally slowing down to feel her tits. Changing the position to doggy he carried on fucking her pussy. A few more minutes of that and he was ready for some arse action. Grabbing some lube he prepared her bum hole for action. It took a few attempts to insert his cock up her arse, but once in he banged away hard really giving it to her. Gypsy took it well – you can tell she is used to anal sex.

When Joe tired he decided some more oral was in order. Gypsy was happy to oblige. He had to try the deep throat again so he got Gypsy flat on her back. Joe was surprised to see that Gypsy’s eyes did not water during the face fucking. She holds it together well! Afterwards he got her to suck his balls.

Once revived it was on with a fresh condom and back to pussy fucking – this time round in spoons. He could not leave her arse alone though and soon had his knob up her back passage once again. Gypsy seemed to love it no matter how hard he banged her. Definitely the anal queen this one.

It was Joe who suggested changing position getting Gypsy to go on top. He ignored her pussy in this position and carried on with the anal sex. Gypsy bounced up and down with enthusiasm despite the fact his knob was deep inside her arse. What a great fuck. “That’s a tight arse you got there” noted Joe as she continued to bounce up and down on his shaft.

“Shall I put it back in your pussy?” suggested Joe. Gypsy agreed and this of course meant a condom change which took a few minutes. By the time Joe had Gypsy back in the mish position, spread out before him he had obviously forgotten what he said earlier. As rather than the pussy he shoved it straight up her arse. He does love his anal sex! Gypsy did not seem to mind. In fact after he pumped away hard she seemed to cum. Joe enjoyed the fact she could get an orgasm from her arse. He was loving this punt.

“I think it’s time for you to suck my cock some more cos I am sweating like a bitch” said Joe collapsing on to the bed. Gypsy got to work giving him some more OWO. She switched it to a vigorous handjob and that soon did the trick. Joe squirted his white hot cum all over her tits. “Thank you very much Gypsy…an awesome, awesome time” said Joe. “Me too” she replied, pleased to have another satisfied customer.

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