Hollie of Leeds

Date: Thursday 10 March 2011
Time Spent: 1 hour
Place: Incall
Price: £150
Description: 32 year old curvy babe with natural 34 HH tits.

John had no problems finding Hollie's incall place in a nice new development with it's own car park. She invited him in to her spacious open plan living room and kitchen. Hollie sorted out a drink and they sat together on the sofa. John passed over the money and they chatted. Hollie's incall place has a pole in it so the talk naturally turned to her dancing. She started dancing at The Purple Door in Leeds but has also worked in Manchester, Sheffield, Cheshire and For Your Eyes Only in London. Hollie said the latter had a touching licence and told John a story about one client she met there who had a "slug trail" on his trousers! She had more lap dancing horror stories to tell as well!

The conversation moved on to escorting. Hollie got into it after her mum suggested she try escorting. She admits to "playing at it" in the beginning and even quit for a while. When she decided to return Hollie opted to work for a Leeds agency. She stayed there two and half years before finally going independent.

As there was a pole in the room John asked Hollie to kick things off with a dance. Unfortunately there was no music, but Hollie was used to this as she explained there had once been a power cut in one of the clubs where she worked. She started off slowly and sensually, but was soon twirling around the pole, giving quite a show. At the end of it Hollie crawled towards John on all fours and kissed him some more. She then showed him through to the bedroom.

Hollie helped John out of his clothes. He asked how big her boobs were. "HH" she replied "and all real." Hollie got on her knees to undo his trousers. She pulled down his boxers and used her tongue to tease the head of his cock. Then she put it in her mouth and sucked hard. Soon she was using her hand and mouth to good effect giving John a fantastic blow job. She paid good attention to his balls as well. Hollie undid her bra and released her massive boobs, then got back to the cock sucking. She suggested John make himself more comfortable and they moved to the bed. John sucked on her tits than lay back down on the bed so Hollie could continue the OWO. This lead to a tit wank; "I love having my tits fucked," she said.

John asked if Hollie could remove her knickers now. She duly obliged then climbed on top of him and pushed her fanny in his face. He started licking her out. "Ahhhh….that's good" she sighed. He played with her tits at the same time. Hollie told him to concentrate on licking and soon she seemed to cum. Fantastic stuff. John suggested they do sixty-nine so they switched to that. As he licked her out John asked if he could use fingers. "Put fingers right up my pussy" replied Hollie. What a game girl! The fingering and licking seemed to work for Hollie as she came again. She hoped off telling John he had made her all sensitive now. They kissed and John suggested they fuck. She sorted out a condom.

"Are you going to let me ride you?" asked Hollie. "Go on then" replied John. She climbed on board and shoved his cock up her pussy. "Come on then…fuck me," said Hollie "I like it hard" she continued. John put some effort in from below and this seemed to satisfy her although she kept up the dirty talk. Soon it looked like Hollie came again. "You've made my heart beat all fast" she told John. She suggested he be in charge for a bit and fuck her from behind. They re-arranged themselves on the bed and John entered her once more. "Ah that's good," he said. "Go on fuck me," encouraged Hollie. It really does seem she likes it hard. John tried his best, but he was soon running out of steam and in the end his cock flopped out. Hollie decided it needed to be back inside her mouth. She removed the condom but instead of the promised blow job she just wanked him hard. It did the trick though and she suggested he now fuck in the arse. Game on!

Hollie applied another condom (and some lube) then got on all fours on the bed. "OK you need to go slowly at first" she told John as he entered her bottom. Once inside Hollie told him he could go for it. In fact she asked him to fuck her hard again! What a girl. John banged her while she played with her own clit. "That's lovely" he gasped "Beautiful."

"Are you guna put it back in my mouth after it's been in my arse?" asked Hollie. "If you don't mind" replied John. He removed his cock from her arse and presented it to her, expecting to see her suck it straight away. Unfortunately Hollie grabbed a baby wipe and removed the condom. "That's cheating," noted John. "Don't you want to be able to feel my warm wet mouth?" replied Hollie. Obviously she does not do ATM then.

Hollie asked John if he had enjoyed the dirty bum sex and if he was ready to cum now. He was and asked where he could do it. Anywhere but her eyes was on offer. Hollie said she liked to taste it as well, so they opted for CIM. She lay down on the bed and John knelt up beside her mouth. She sucked him hard, then switched to a vigorous handjob. That did it for John and he spurted his white cum into her open mouth, most of it landing on her tongue and dripping down from there. Hollie seemed to swallow the reminder. He thanked her for a great session and then headed off for a shower.

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