Hornypie of Leeds

Date: Wednesday 23 May 2012
Time Spent: 1 hour
Place: Incall .
Price: £100
Description: 26 year old curvy & fun British babe with 36D tits.

"Hi I’m Ashleigh" said Hornypie as she greeted John at the door with a kiss. She invited him in and then asked "before we get started can we get all the formalities out of the way." John handed over the money then Ashleigh led him upstairs to the bedroom. As they entered the room she said "welcome" and turned round and kissed him. They snogged for a bit before she started undoing his shirt. She told him to get naked while she went off to sort out massage oil and condoms. Ashleigh removed her summer dress instantly revealing her tits (one of which has a pierced nipple) as she was not wearing a bra. She kept her black knickers on, climbed on top of John and started the massage.

They chatted as she worked. Ashleigh is from Leeds born and bred. When John asked about good places to go out in Leeds Ashleigh told him she liked the strip clubs. The conversation turned to her bi-sexuality and Ashleigh mentioned there is another girl she works with. Ashleigh got John to roll-over and she kissed him some more. She soon worked her way down to his cock and started giving him OWO. Ashleigh is good at licking and sucking cock. She paid good attention to his balls as well. John was in heaven.

"Your turn" said John. Ashleigh stood up and removed her black knickers. She made herself comfortable on the bed and John started off sucking her tits. He asked if her nipple piercing had hurt. She told him it did not and that she likes a bit of pain anyway. John moved down between her legs. He played with her pussy first before using his tongue. "That's nice" said Ashleigh grabbing hold of his head and forcing him onto her pussy. John worked away. "Keep doing that and I'll cum" said Ashleigh. This spurred John on and he did seem to make her cum in the end.

Ashleigh grabbed hold of John's head and pulled him closer for a kiss - tasting her own pussy juices. She knelt up and John said "my turn again?" Indeed it was. Ashleigh gave him another blowjob. Once hard she grabbed a condom and applied it with her mouth. "That's a good little tick" said John. "You want me on all fours?" asked Ashleigh. He did so they started off fucking in that position. John gathered pace, pounding her. "You can do it harder" said Ashleigh. Blimey John had not been expecting that. He had been giving it his best shot. He did try to fuck her harder, but he soon tired. Seems Ashleigh was more than a match for him. This girl sure likes a good seeing to!

They switched to mish. Once again Ashleigh told John to do it harder. He tried but he couldn’t keep the hard fucking up for long. "Bit of a work out" he said breathlessly. "You sound exhausted" replied Ashleigh. "Wearing me out" replied John. "Haven't even started with you yet" replied Ashleigh. "Worrying" said John, momentarily pulling out and taking a quick break. He put his cock back in and fucked her some more but he soon pulled out again needing another breather.

After a moments rest John was at it again fucking her in mish. He soon tired though, so he switched it to spoons, relaxing down on the bed beside her. He banged her like this for a bit longer, but was soon looking to shoot his load and did not want to do that inside her. Glancing at her tits bouncing up and down in front of his face he asked Ashleigh if he could cum on them. She readily agreed and they re-positioned themselves on the bed.

Ashleigh started giving him a handjob. John asked for some lube, so she quickly fetched it and applied some to his knob. That did the trick. On resuming the now sloppy handjob John quickly came, splattering her tits with his cum. Ashleigh giggled at him and asked if he felt better. He sure did and went off to fetch a towel for her so she could clean up.

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