Isabelle of Liverpool

Date: Saturday 29 July 2006
Time Spent: 1 hour.
Place: Outcall to city centre hotel.
Price: £140.
Description: Sweet & innocent looking 19 year old Liverpudlian student, brunette hair, blue eyes, 34C boobs, a willing submissive.

First time filming an escort in Liverpool and luckily for me I found a native local girl born and bred in the city. Isabelle arrived at my hotel dressed like a demure sexy secretary in a smart business suit, white blouse and black stockings. Unusually for an escort she offers submissive services so I decided to play around with being a bit dominant on this punt. During an initial chat and drink on the sofa I enjoyed listening to her soft Scouse accent as Isabelle told me about the naughty side of Liverpool. She told me there are various lap dancing clubs and massage parlours to the north of the city and there is a street scene known locally as “Prozie Park”. At present Isabelle just offers outcall visits, but is hoping to include incalls in the future. She offers a wide range of services including anal (at her discretion; unfortunately she felt I was too big for her!) and watersports both giving and receiving.

As I was filming on my own this time I started off the session by asking Isabelle to display her body to the camera. Under my command she gave us a twirl and then bent right over to show off her round backside in her tight formal skirt. Her jacket came off and she ran her hands over her own tits which were looking like they wanted to escape from the confines of her tight white short-sleeved shirt. I asked if Isabelle liked playing with her tits and she confessed she did. But before getting them out I asked her to turn round again so her arse was pointing towards me and to feel the outline of her own stockinged legs. Then I instructed her to lift up her skirt to expose herself. The black suspenders beautifully framed Isabelle’s young bum with a g-string nicely in place between her buttocks. I got her to slap her own arse, which I noticed turned red very quickly. I told her to take her skirt off leaving her black g-string. But her shirt was getting in the way of the view so I told Isabelle to slowly unbutton it. Gradually a pink and black basque was uncovered. Now it was time to watch her tits come out. She pulled down one shoulder strap and unleashed her right boob from its cup, wetting her finger and stroking around the pink nipple for me. The other one was released in the same manner and this time she licked her own nipple by forcing the breast up to her mouth.

Isabelle made herself more comfortable on the bed. I told her to start off playing with her tits before she put her hand inside her panties and felt herself. Then I got her to pull her knickers aside to reveal a pink bare shaven pussy which was already getting wet! The g-string was removed and she started to insert fingers into her hole while simultaneously rubbing her clit. When I asked her to get a toy she first unclipped her hair so it was flowing free around her shoulders and then she grabbed a Rabbit from the bedside table. She switched it on and started to pleasure herself with it. Before long her whole body was twitching and she was crying out in delight. Obviously she was used to playing with this toy and knew just how to get herself off quickly, which she did with tremendous relish. Awesome!

After her climax I let Isabelle relax for a minute, then I wanted her to show me some anal play. She had a special little vibrator for this, small and short with a wire leading to a control. She applied some lube and loosened up her arse with her finger first. The black bullet was gradually inserted until just the wire remained sticking out, then she turned up the vibrations using the control panel. She asked if it was all right to make herself cum again and naturally I readily agreed so she commenced playing with her pussy again. Soon Isabelle said “I wish I’d brought something bigger to put up my arse now!” Cream oozed from her pussy, her body was convulsing once more and then the screams of pleasure began. No faking these orgasms! This is a girl who genuinely enjoys her own body. I asked her if she needed a break after cumming twice. “Maybe,” she spluttered, “I dunno… I need to take this out of my arse... it’s gone tight now…”.

With Isabelle having all the fun so far I decided it was time for me to get some of that action. I instructed her to undo my trousers. While she did this I checked she did give Oral Without. This began with Isabelle taking my cock in hand and gently kissing and licking my balls. The licking carried on up the length of my hardening shaft then she popped it in her mouth and started giving me head. After letting her suck away for a while I commanded her to get on all fours down in front of me. In this position Isabelle soon started gagging so instinctively she took the cock out of her mouth. I said “You want that slapping your face don’t you?” she muttered “Yeah” so I repeatedly smacked my hard dick against her mouth and then forced it back inside for some more oral. When it slipped out of her mouth again I said “Wanna feel that cock up you?” She looked up at me with her big eyes and agreed she did as I slapped it against her mouth some more and told her to get a condom.

I kept Isabelle on all fours and entered her from behind in doggy. Even though her pussy was wet (no lube needed here!) it still felt nice and tight round my cock. After loosening her up with a few slow strokes I soon started banging away hard and this is when she got vocal again, screeching with delight. I was getting into my Dom mode and wanted to give her a good seeing-to. I started slapping her arse saying “You like being spanked while you’re fucked yeah?” She whimpered her agreement. I said “Let’s make that arse red….and fuck you hard yeah?” Isabelle screamed with excitement as I really banged my dick into her tight hole. She kept gasping “Oh god…yeah” as the onslaught continued. I told her to “Take that cock” slamming hard up against her red arsecheeks. She declared “I’m being fucked and spanked like a dirty little bitch” so joining in character I replied “That’s what you are…a dirty fucking bitch”. We carried on pumping and she said “Oh you’re fucking me so hard”. I said “you’re lovin’ it though ain’t you?” At this point her face was squashed hard into the bed sheets, but she still managed to obediently respond with “Yeah”.

I wanted to change position so I got Isabelle to turn over and then entered her again in missionary. She asked if she could play with her clit at the same time as I fucked her and I agreed. The tempo started off more slowly now, but Isabelle carried on making noises as her clit stimulation kicked in. Soon I was back up to speed giving it to her hard and fast again. She seemed to be able to take whatever I could throw at her, enjoying every minute of this. The girl is an absolute nympho! Soon she came a third time, screaming like crazy and twitching away on the end of my cock as her body convulsed with ecstasy. I carried on screwing her, but then she said “You need to hold me down and cum all over my face,” adding “and when you cum I want you to hold my mouth open and wipe it all in.” Wow! I continued fucking her as we talked but eventually I said “OK I think I’m ready to cum over your face now”.

Off came the condom and I knelt up beside her head. She concentrated on giving me a vigorous hand job and soon enough I was spurting my jizz over her lovely face. It landed on her chin, cheek and in her hair. As requested I used my fingers to wipe it all into her mouth, then as a final touch I slapped my cock rudely against her lips again. A fantastic visual finish to an interesting session which was different for me. If you are looking for an escort comfortable with female submission to carry out some fantasies I’d say Isabelle is ideal. But Please Note: this is NOT open license for abusive behaviour. This is bedroom play. An escort will only give permission for you to dominate once a safe rapport has been established beforehand.

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Isabelle of Liverpool