Janilyn of Manchester

Date: Monday 5 June 2006
Time Spent: 1 hour.
Place: Outcall to day-let apartment in central Manchester.
Price: £150.
Description: Very friendly mature lady with good rack, smiling face and short brunette hair, who loves to please.

These days you can sometimes find an escort who will entertain more than one client at a time. Before booking this kind of session it helps if you see the escort on your own first – that way she knows you are trustworthy and reliable. I had talked with Janilyn for a while about arranging a “mini-gangbang” booking and because she knew and trusted me she was well up for this. I arranged for 3 guys to come along and sample her delights – John, Alex and Nick.

Janilyn started the session by meeting the guys, who were ready and waiting for her in the bedroom. John suggested she make herself more comfortable on the bed, so she removed her short black dress. Underneath she was wearing a black basque, black underwear and black stockings. As she lay on the bed Alex immediately started kissing her, John knelt in between her legs and Nick came around the other side to start fondling her tits. Alex and Nick alternated kissing her and playing with her tits. Meanwhile Andy had pulled her knickers aside to reveal a shaven pussy and he was already busy licking and fingering Janilyn. Alex shoved his hardening cock towards Janilyn’s mouth and she began giving him uncovered oral. Nick was soon getting a blow job as well, as Janilyn switched between both the guys kneeling by her head.

John swapped places with Alex, who rubbered up and first entered Janilyn in missionary. She carried on sucking John and Nick’s cocks as Alex fucked her. After pumping her for a bit Alex pulled out and used his fingers on Janilyn‘s cunt. As he increased the pace he noticed she was getting wetter and wetter. Alex now moved Janilyn over to the side of the bed, so he could plant both feet firmly on the floor as he entered her in mish again. The firmer footing meant Alex could penetrate her much more deeply and her groans showed she enjoyed this.

Alex enjoyed fucking her for a while and then Janilyn turned over so she was knelt on all fours across the width of the bed. John got behind her and took her in doggy, meanwhile Nick stood at her other end and enjoyed his blow job. It was horny to see Janilyn being spit-roasted in this way. Alex joined Nick at the “head” end so he could also get some more OWO, as John continued humping her in doggy. After he had exhausted himself there, Nick took over at the bottom end while John came up the top seeking out Janilyn’s mouth. Janilyn actually managed to get both their cocks in her mouth at once giving them a simultaneous blow job. This was a first for her, but as she said, she would love to do more. Janilyn sure is willing to please! Nick was now fucking Janilyn in doggy and John put his cock alone in her mouth, so she could again enjoy the sensation of a spit-roast. Once Nick had finished Alex was ready to fuck her again and resumed the doggy position.

By now Janilyn was feeling very hot from all the action so she had a quick break and took her basque off replacing it with just a black bra. The action resumed with John and Alex lying side-by-side on the bed and Janilyn wanking and sucking both their cocks together. Nick played with her pussy as she did this. Soon he entered her in doggy again, shagging her as she played with two other dicks. It was John’s turn to fuck Janilyn next, and she rode him cowgirl style. Nick sucked and licked her tits as she bounced away whilst trying to give Alex a blow job at the same time.

But there was too much movement so Alex jumped off the bed, grabbed a toy and used it to penetrate Janilyn’s ample arse. He asked her if she was enjoying it and she replied “God, yeah”. Alex said “You’re going to get something bigger than that now.” He put down the toy and after a bit of a struggle managed to insert his cock into Janilyn’s arsehole. He drove into her hard for a while then asked her “Do you like my cock there?” She replied, “I love it!” You can tell this is one woman who really does like anal.

The group moved into the living room area next as they felt the bouncy bed was hindering their attempts to all gather round Janilyn. The action restarted with her willingly giving each guy in turn some more oral. As she got to Nick he requested that she lick his arse too. Ever ready to please Janilyn gave him a good rimming. It was so good that John decided he wanted to try that as well, so she ended up rimming 2 guys!

There was then another bout of OWO before Alex declared “OK whose going to fuck her?” He and John rubbered up, but Alex got there first, lay down on the floor and Janilyn climbed aboard. As she rode him on top, John fetched a dildo and some lube and started to anally probe Janilyn again. It was quite a fight to keep the toy up her arse as Alex fucked her pussy, but they did manage to DP her in this way. As Nick was also getting a blow job at the other end, full air-lock (all holes filled) was accomplished – another first for Janilyn who seemed to be loving every moment of the guys’ attention. All this excitement was too much for Alex and he soon came inside her, pulling out to show us the filled condom.

To end the session all 3 guys stood around Janilyn’s face and she helped to bring them off. It was John who spunked first of all, depositing his load all over her chin. Nick followed soon after, dropping more semen in her mouth and over her chin. Then Alex came for the second time, adding to the mess. Janilyn made no attempt to immediately clean up like some escorts do. You could tell she was really into this and savouring the moment.

Janilyn describes herself as “…a very dirty escort lady…up for anything” and this appointment proved it without a doubt! There’s no question she loves what she’s doing and likes to please men.

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Janilyn of Manchester