Jeanna of Blackburn

Date: Tuesday 7 June 2011
Time Spent: 1 hour
Place: Incall
Price: £100
Description: Quiet, friendly, filth-loving, curvy brunette.

"Nice light room isn't it?" said John as he was shown into the living room of Jeanna's incall place (BTW: easy to find, free parking right outside). He handed over the money and then Jeanna asked him what he was into. "I'll be led by you" replied John. She asked what he had tried. He was not very forthcoming and she had to coax answers out of him. Needless to say the talk did not progress very far, but this did not matter as Jeanna had already started stroking John's cock through his trousers. He asked the size of her bust. "36D...all natural" she replied. John undid his shirt while Jeanna started on his trousers. Once his trousers were removed she snaked his cock through the boxers and wanked it. She was soon on her knees giving him OWO. She got him to remove his boxers and then checked he was up for some of her "kinky positions" as she called them.

John asked if Jeanna's basque came off. "Do me" replied Jeanna and he started to undo the lace at the front. She showed him there was a quicker way - the zip at the back. That was much faster and he soon had her 36D all natural tits out. "They're beautiful" gasped John as he admired them. He licked them, but obviously did it too gently for her. Jeanna told him she liked her nipples absolutely tortured. When he bit them she gasped and said he was making her cum in her knickers. John suggested some more sucking and she resumed the OWO. Jeanna wanted a more submissive position though, so she sat on the floor and got John to stand up and force his cock down her throat. This made Jeanna cum on the floor and there was a nice wet patch on the carpet to prove it. This lady sure does cum a lot!

They changed position again, Jeanna lying on the sofa and playing with herself while John squatted over her and had his knob sucked. Jeanna needed her lube and went off to the bedroom to get it. When she returned they resumed their previous position for more sucking and fingering. John suggested going down on her. Needless to say she liked it really rough, even wanting her clit bit. They changed the position slightly to sixty-nine and John got to work with his tongue. At the other end Jeanna was licking his arse in-between blowing him.

"Do you want to try some fisting?" asked Jeanna. Of course he did and started off gently with a few fingers. She suggested some lube and when he applied this it was much easier. He soon had his whole hand up her pussy and was moving it in and out. "That's a first" exclaimed John. "Fuck me like a cock" said Jeanna "really deep and hard" she continued. He duly obliged. "Can we do another position?" asked Jeanna. John was fine with that and as they moved he took her knickers off. He was now in-between her legs in the normal position for going down on a girl. He licked her out and fisted her some more. Jeanna explained she had one guy who had been able to fuck her and fist her at the same time. Amazing!

Jeanna suggested they move to the floor. She went off to the bedroom and returned with a "fuck pad". She suggested he fist her again while she sucked his dick some more. This continued until John suggested doing some more sixty-nine with her on top this time. Jeanna was worried about John drowning, as she does squirt a great deal when she cums and his tongue work was hitting the mark. John didn't mind though he loved the fact he was turning her on so much.

Jeanna jumped off and moved to the side of John who was still lying on his back on the floor. She carried on sucking his cock, but they got chatting some more about kinky things they had done, bi-sex and dogging. John broke off the talking by suggesting they fuck. Jeanna knelt up and showed John how wet she was - juices were just dripping from her pussy. She sorted out a condom and bagged his cock as she straddled him. She played with his cock against her pussy, then shoved it inside her and bounced up and down on him. When his cock fell out she decided to stick it up her bottom. "You enjoying that up the arse then?" she asked John. "mmm...very nice" he replied. When he fell out again Jeanna lay beside John and suggested they try another position over the arm of the sofa. But first she got to wanking and sucking his cock again.

Jeanna applied another rubber and assumed the position over the arm of the sofa. She opened her legs wide and John got in between them. He started off sucking on her tits again, then moved down to her pussy and licked her out some more. Eventually he pushed his cock inside her and fucked her again. However, he was struggling with this position so he suggested they move on to the sofa and do some doggy. He started off fucking Jeanna in the pussy again, but soon asked her if he could do her up the arse. She readily agreed. "Oh that's nice and tight" said John as he stuffed his knob into her bottom. She spread her arse cheeks wide for him and he banged away. "You can pull my hair a bit" suggested Jeanna "so you can drive you cock up my arse." He did just that.

“You getting excited?” asked Jeanna. Indeed he was and said he would be cumming in a minute. She suggested "a messy facial" to end with. "Lovely" replied John "you can give me a dirty kiss afterwards." John has been known to enjoy a bit of snowballing. They re-positioned themselves on the floor again. Jeanna wanked John's cock while he fingered her pussy. He soon splattered her with his cum. She suggested a spunky kiss. He did that and noted it was "tasty." John went off for a shower. "I will just carry on wanking" said Jeanna as she continued to play with her own pussy.

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