Escort Jordan of Haywards Heath

Date: Thursday 25 November 2004
Time Spent: 1 hour.
Place: Incall.
Price: £150.
Description: Husky voiced 23-year old curvy blonde. Fun, sensual genuine bisexual girl.

I was undecided about seeing Jordan as she had agreed to a session being filmed, but wanted to wear a mask to hide her face. I'd first been attracted to her photos; although face-blurred her body looked hot and I just can't resist a blonde. Then when I read other punters' reports I felt my cock getting hard at the thought of her. According to them her skills in the room were sensational with good OWO technique. She sounded like a bloody good shag, so that made up my mind.

Jordan works out of a house in Haywards Heath. It's very discreet and quiet, so no problems there. There are usually 2 to 3 girls on offer per day and Jordan works 2 or 3 days a week. The rooms are very well appointed with videos running, and all kinds of accessories around - uniforms, whips, etc. One room is set aside as a medical area where enemas and other fetish stuff can be administered to clients. Jordan explained several of the girls at this house are ex-nurses and so they know how to carry out procedures properly! Jordan was wearing a white zip-up nurse's dress for me, with nice black hold-ups and heels, but this is just how she happened to be dressed in the house the day I visited.

Normally Jordan starts off her service with a nice massage. But because today it was just me and the camera we agreed that she would do a strip for me. Jordan is a very sensual girl and before taking anything off she started by rubbing her hands over her breasts and then feeling herself between her legs. Then she unzipped her outfit to reveal a dark pink bra. I asked her to turn around and show me her arse. She duly obliged revealing a matching pink g-string. While I rubbed her bum cheeks Jordan played with her pussy. Turning back round Jordan slowly unzipped the rest of her outfit and gradually took it off. I started feeling her up through her bra, and she joined in touching herself too. She took her boob out of her bra so she could touch the nipple and I quickly started to pay it some proper attention. Jordan suggested we get the other one out and we both played with her lovely titties. They felt great and I remembered why she calls herself "Jordan all natural"! She started touching her pussy inside her thong telling me in her low voice that she was very wet already. Pulling her g-string right down to her ankles, I could see her 'Brazilian' style neatly shaved minge. She turned to kneel with her arse in the air and presented me with the wonderful sight of her fingering her own bare wet lips. How horny is this girl! Making herself more comfortable now lying down on the bed she continued to pleasure herself while I took the opportunity to fondle her tits some more. Then it was my chance to play with her pussy. I rubbed her clit gently then inserted a finger. It was nice and wet, but it felt tight too. I couldn't wait for my cock to be up there. Jordan responded well to my attention and started moaning gently. I noticed she was playing with her own breasts as I finger-fucked her, and was getting well into it.

Next the focus turned to me. Jordan sat up and started feeling me through my jeans. Slowly she undid them, then felt my cock through my pants. My penis had no hesitation in rising rapidly at her touch. Jordan stroked my chest, then ran both hands down and expertly removed my hardening dick from its lair. Gently she wanked it, then leant down and slowly licked it, using her pierced tongue to good effect. She took it in her mouth and gave me some excellent OWO. This was a very erotic experience and I was finding it hard not to cum right there. So it's all true: her oral really is GOOD! At one point I asked Jordan to see how much of my cock she could take into her mouth, and I was surprised at how well she did.

With a raging hard-on, I needed to move things along now, so Jordan put a condom on me and we got ready to start off fucking in mish. When you first enter Jordan it's like heaven! Her pussy feels so great. She responds well to being fucked too, making encouraging noises while you pump your meat injection into her. After bonking away on top of her for a while we decided to take a little breather. I lay back down on the bed to recover my stamina. Jordan soon came over and started blowing my cock back into life. It was shortly rock hard again, and this time she jumped on top, bouncing away on my knob. For a finale we change to doggy. I have to say this was my favourite position with Jordan. It's great slamming into her lovely arse from behind and hearing her moans as you fuck her.

To finish off the session I asked Jordan if I could cum over her tits. No problem, she said, so it was off with the rubber and I straddled her. She wanked my dick, getting a nice rhythm going. At the same time she played with her own tits. I asked her to suck me a bit and she gave me some more of her wonderful OWO. Then she continued the hand-job, getting more vigorous this time, which is just how I like it. As I told her I was nearly cumming, her tongue poked out and touched the tip of my cock and at that moment I came, the cum dribbling off her tongue and falling onto her body. After I'd finished emptying my sack there was still a puddle of spunk left on her chest. Jordan spread this around with her manicured fingers and over her tits, making it nice and messy. This was, she said, just the way she likes it. What a nice way to finish the session! So in the end I'm jolly glad I did decide to see Jordan; she's a very accommodating sexy lady who gives a great time in the bedroom.

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Escort Jordan of Haywards Heath