Jordan Kingsley of London & Los Angeles

Jordan Kingsley Date: Thursday 22 October 2009
Time Spent: 1 hour
Place: Incall
Price: £350
Description: Description: Tall, attractive & curvy American Pornstar with long blonde hair & natural 36D tits.

It’s not unusual to find American Pornstars escorting in London these days, although some of them rarely seem to come to our shores. The agency website where Jordan Kinglsey is listed states “Jordan rarely visits Europe, let alone London....this is an occasion to be savoured for any clients who value the finer things in life.” This was an opportunity Joe did not want to miss so he booked her for an hour of fun.

During the preliminary chat Jordan explained she visits the UK to film porn and that she loves it over here. She has been in the porn business for two years. Joe thought this wasn’t very long but Jordan explained it was saying if you last seven months that’s considered a long time in the American porn business. She went on to describe what it’s like to be on set. Jordan has been escorting for two years as well. She got into it via referrals, as a lot of men want to see their favourite stars. In the USA it costs $1,000 to see her.

Joe asked about Jordan’s bi-sexuality and she told an interesting story about working with another girl in a film. She got so into this girl during the scene that neither of them noticed filming had stopped. “You were definitely enjoying you work that day” commented Joe. “Do you like kissing?” asked Jordan as she stroked Joe’s leg. Of course he did! She lent forward and they snogged. Joe wanted Jordan to show off her body to him, so she stood up and spun round. He was soon grabbing and feeling her arse. She also suggested he spank it. When Jordan sat back down Joe examined her breasts. She helped him get them out and he sucked her nipples. He suggested they move over to the bed.

Jordan undressed Joe and he helped remove her dress. She got him to lie down on the bed, kissed him some more, and then removed his underwear. His prick was already twitching to attention. Jordan licked and kissed up his shaft. She asked if she could spit on it and he readily agreed. Then she put it in her mouth and sucked hard. It was excellent OWO.

“Let me see that pussy of yours” Joe said. He removed Jordan’s panties and she spread her legs wide for him. “Oh that’s a nice pussy,” he said admiring it before licking her out. Jordan got him to keep licking telling him she was close to cumming. He kept up the work and she came. Afterwards she wanted to taste her cum and so licked his fingers. “My pussy tastes good,” she said.

Jordan suggested she grab a condom and Joe readily agreed. She had special condoms from the USA that the porn guys use. Once applied Jordan said “you just made me cum so I don’t need lube.” She climbed on top of Joe and sat on his rock hard knob. As she bounced up and down on him the cream started running out of her pussy. You could tell she was turned on – fantastic stuff. Jordan told Joe to grab her arse as they fucked. Needless to say she was very energetic on top. She explained one thing she does not get to do in her films is grind on a man’s cock, but in escorting she does and you could tell she loves it.

Joe wanted to see Jordan’s bottom while he fucked her. She hopped off and immediately licked her own pussy juice off his cock – nice. They moved into spoons. “That’s it…fuck me…hard….just like that” said Jordan as Joe banged away. She started playing with her own clit as well urging Joe to fuck her nice and hard. “I like it when you fuck me so hard my fucking tits just bounce” said Jordan. This is why you book a Pornstar escort!

It was Joe who decided to change position again; this time to doggy. She bent over and opened up her pussy for him. Joe could not resist sticking his finger in there, quickly followed by his cock. He banged away hard. “That feels fucking good,” said Jordan “I like it when your balls slap me.” At one point she slowed it down to let him see his cock moving in and out of her pussy. “Do you wanna be a naughty boy?” she asked Joe. Of course he did, so she got him to spit on her arsehole! Jordan then played with her own clit again and told Joe to fuck her hard. He did as requested and she came again.

“Now that I came can I make you cum?” asked Jordan. “Definitely” said Joe. “Can I suck your cock?” she asked. Joe pulled out and stood in front of Jordan who sat on the edge of the bed. She removed the condom and started wanking him. He asked her to suck it and she obliged. That did it for him and he squirted his white hot cum all over her gorgeous natural tits. Afterwards she used his cock to slap her tits. “That’s the porn star treatment,” she said.

Great punt from a fantastic lady who is due back in London from the 7th – 21st December.

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Jordan Kingsley of London & Los Angeles