Karolina of Birmingham

Date: Wednesday 6 July 2011
Time Spent: 30 minutes
Place: Massage parlour incall.
Price: £60
Description: 25 year old gorgeous Italian with natural rack.

A popular Birmingham punting spot at the moment is The Pump Club. The sister parlour is Ultimate Indulgence and many of the girls work at both places. When you first arrive at Ultimate Indulgence you are taken aback by the sign outside the premises as it seems you have arrived at a parlour called "First Class.” Don't worry you are at the right place, it is just this building is used 24/7 for massage and at night it changes over to "First Class." The main road is very busy with no parking, but the parlour has its own car park - you just have to drive through a very narrow passage to the left of the building to get into it. Once inside the parlour is very spacious and has a bar area which is a nice place to hang out as you meet the girls. Joel did not need to do this as he had pre-booked Karolina - a popular girl with many great PunterNet reviews.

Karolina entered the room wearing a very revealing red outfit with black hold-ups. She kissed Joel on the lips and asked him "Are you feeling horny today?" in her sexy Italian accent. They sat on the bed and discussed services. Its £60 for half an hour, but OWO is £10 extra, as is CIM. Joel agreed to both these extras. Once the cash had changed hands he took a shower - it is conveniently located in the room. Karolina waited on the bed while he freshened up.

As Joel dried off, Karolina approached him and they kissed again. "These are fantastic...I like these" said Joel as he examined her tits. Karolina suggested they move to the bed. Making themselves comfortable they started exploring each other's bodies. Joel played with her bum, and then she pulled down the top of her dress and removed her bra. Joel enjoyed playing with her tits. "You can kiss them if you like" purred Karolina. He dived right in!

Karolina moved her body over Joel’s and put his cock between her tits. She got up and removed her dress so she was just wearing a g-string and holdups. Returning to the bed she kissed him some more. "Do you like your cock being sucked?" asked Karolina. Moving down she wrapped her lips round his hard manhood. At first she licked it like a lollipop, also paying good attention to his balls, and then she sucked the end. "Do you like deep throat?" asked Karolina as she sucked him hard and deep. "Oh that's good" sighed Joel.

Karolina broke away for a bit perhaps sensing he was close to cumming. She got Joel to squeeze her bum before suggesting some more oral. He gladly accepted and this time she really attacked his cock. Then she suggested Joel lick her pussy. Removing her g-string, she straddled his head and sat on his face. Joel got to work and she was soon gasping with pleasure. "Oh it's so nice baby" she told him. At her suggestion they moved into 69.

Karolina knelt up and suggested Joel suck her tits again. He obliged then she blew him again. She is good at rewarding you for pleasing her! "Is it condom time?" asked Joel. "Er huh" replied Karolina. After bagging Joel's cock Karolina asked "How would you like me?" He decided she should go on top. Soon after mounting him Joel was telling her to take it easy. Her pussy is tight and the blow job had been so good he was in danger of cumming to quick. She suggested he rub her clit and feel her tits to take his mind off other things.

"Let's change position" said Karolina moving round to the end of the bed and bending over it in the doggy position. Joel pushed his cock into her tight pussy again and pumped away. Karolina could look at herself in the mirror now as she was being fucked. You could tell this turned her on. She told Joel to slap her bum. He hit it a few times as she played with her own tits. Karolina turned around and they fucked in mish, still on the end of the bed. She lent right back so Joel could slam his cock deep into her pussy.

They decided to move onto the bed again. This time they started off bonking in mish. At one point Karolina told Joel she was cumming. "Fuck me baby...fuck me deep in my pussy" she implored him. They changed position to doggy. The action from this girl is fast and furious! You certainly get your money's worth. Joel noticed how wet she was now, and in fact he slipped out of her at one point. "God that feels good" he gasped.

"Can you lick my cum?" asked Karolina. Joel wasn't quite sure what she meant at first, but as she kept repeating the question he eventually realised Karolina wanted him to go down on her. He duly obliged and she asked how it tasted. "Good" he replied. Karolina then let him fuck her again. Several times Karolina told Joel she was cumming.

Karolina asked Joel if he wanted to cum on her face. He had been bursting to cum throughout much of the session so he was grateful for the suggestion. Joel knelt up by Karolina’s face and she started blowing him. Joel was soon telling her "Oh yea....keep going...oh yea". She switched to a hand job but it was not quite right for Joel so he took over and told her to feel his balls. That did the trick! He quickly came splattering her face and mouth with his white, hot spunk. "Fantastic" signed Joel "You’re dirty...real dirty....I like that. You look so good with my spunk over you face” he continued. "I like it...it tastes very nice” replied Karolina smiling up at him.

Good punt at a good venue. Highly recommended.

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Karolina of Birmingham