Katie of Birmingham

Date: Saturday 13 June 2015
Time Spent: 30 mins
Place: Incall .
Price: £40 for 15 mins, £50 for 30 mins, £80 for 45mins.
Description: Slim, fun Euro babe with great natural tits.

John decided to visit The Pleasure Dome again knowing that many of their girls are willing to be filmed. There are usually four girls on every day, but this being a weekend he actually found only two girls on with more due later that day. He had already seen Carly Cummings so this time he chose Katie, a Euro babe.

“Come on baby…let’s have some fun” said Katie as she showed John into the room. “You are looking lovely in red” he told her. John removed his shoes and socks before moving in for a snog. “Lovely kisser” he told her. She soon had his shirt off and John removed the rest of his clothes. John sat on the bed and enjoyed the view as she got her tits out. He sucked her long nipples.

Katie removed her panties and joined John on the bed. He asked her where she was from and she replied “European.” John did not pry any further but just snogged her some more. Katie removed John’s boxers and started wanking his cock. “It’s ready to have fun?” she asked. “Dunno about that” replied John. He suggested some oral and she checked with or without. He was happy for OWO so she got down to work. “Oh that’s nice” gasped John as she sucked on his cock hard and fast. He was soon rock hard.

They kissed some more. “I am going to lie down…sit on my chest” said John. Katie did as instructed. He got her to sit on his face. John enjoyed licking her out for a few minutes before getting her to do sixty-nine. “Oh my word you want to try everything” exclaimed Katie, but she happily obliged.

“I think we are ready for you to jump on” said John. Katie sorted out a condom and straddled John. She pushed his cock up her pussy and moved up and down on it gasping with pleasure. “Oh yea” said John enjoying it as well. Katie switched to squat fucking much to John’s delight. “Fuck yes” he said “That’s very nice,” he continued.

They decided to change position to doggy. John entered Katie’s pussy again and pounded away. “That’s nice” he gasped enjoying the fuck. As he looked down on her arse John asked “Do you do anal?” Unfortunately for him she did not. John carried on banging her from behind.

John suggested mish. Katie was happy to oblige so they switched position. John kissed Katie before entering her again. He was soon balls deep in her pussy pounding away. She gasped with pleasure. John was enjoying himself too! He moved her legs around as he fucked her; ending up with them around his shoulders for deeper penetration.

“Spoons?” suggested John. Katie agreed and they moved into that position. John enjoyed feeling Katie’s tits while fucking her. He was getting close to cumming now and asked her where he could do that. “On may face” suggested Katie. John was up for this. He pulled out, removed the condom and knelt up beside her face.

Katie gave John some more OWO. “Oh God I’m cumming” said John. Katie continued the blowjob and John soon shot his load all over her face and into her mouth. “That was fantastic” said John. He left to freshen up and Katie cleaned the cum off with some tissues. Another good punt from this new parlour! Highly recommended.

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